Author Interview and giveaway: Michelle Diener

Today I have Michelle Diener over for an interview and there will also be a giveaway of her new book.
Welcome to my blog again Michelle. What is new in your life?
Thank you for having me! My life is not that exciting, 🙂 so at the moment it’s the same old same old. But that’s good for my writing!
Your new book is called Banquet of Lies,  how did you think of using the backdrop of a certain treaty in this book?
I’ve always been extremely interested in the secret diplomacy between the nations of Europe. It was a topic I studied in history at university, and while I focused more on Bismark and a slightly later period than the Regency in my degree, I knew there had been a lot of secret deals and back stabbing going on during the Napoleonic Wars as well. For someone like me, who loves intrigue, I didn’t have far to look to find the deal that would work for this book, and the deal was negotiated only a few months after the events that take place in The Emperor’s Conspiracy, which worked perfectly time-wise for me, as well.
And before I die, pleeeease tell me there will be more regency “spy” books.
LOL, of course there will! How could I possibly stop? 
On to the next question then, are you working on something right now?
I’m working on another connected book. Lord Durnham and Lord Dervish appear in this new book, along with Lord Aldridge and Giselle, but the main characters are the Duke of Wittaker and a brand new heroine. Because the Duke of Wittaker is the hero of this book, of course his chef, Georges Bisset, is in this one, too.
I liked how you put in some folklore in this book. Is that something that has always been of interest?
Folklore and fairy tales are a passion of mine. I have been under their spell since I could first read. I have a great many collections of fairy tales and folk tales on my shelves and I’ve read everything I can about them, from their origins to what they are trying to say. I love reading books by experts on fairy tales like Marie Louise Von Franz and others. I actually have a fantasy novel based on a fairy tale that I’m putting the final touches on right now. I absolutely loved weaving folklore into this book. It made it even more fun to write.
Have you tried the dishes that Giselle cooks in this book? I certainly want to taste them 🙂
I’ve made them all, as I love baking and cooking! And my readers can, to, as I have created a page on my website with all the recipes:  I can promise they are all delicious.
Until next time, thank you!
Thank you so much! I am so glad you enjoyed Banquet of Lies. Thank you for your always thoughtful and well-written reviews.
1 copy of Banquet of Lies
1. Open to ALL
2. Ends Oct 31st
3. Just enter 🙂

41 thoughts on “Author Interview and giveaway: Michelle Diener

  1. Jenny says:

    I wish I loved cooking! I fail at it. Epically. I love looking through recipes though, so I'll be checking those (and the book) out for sure!

  2. jessie2247 says:

    Great interview. Love that Michelle has a recipe section on her website. I will definitely be checking that out. Thanks for your giveaway!i_love_books at aol dot com

  3. Victoria S says:

    Great interview Blodeuedd! Really looking forward to reading this book – I've heard so many good things and I love cooking! So, this is a perfect book. Thanks for the giveaway! 😉

  4. Teddyree says:

    Enjoyed the interview. Banquet of Lies is going straight on my wishlist, what's not to like … I love historical fiction and cooking, great combination!

  5. Nicole Laverdure says:

    Love the interview. I have some books written by Ms. Diener and always found them fascinating with the history behind the story. I love that this book will be a regency "spy"! Hi like very much historicals set in the Regency era. thank you

  6. Brookyln Hale says:

    I love these kinds of books and i would greatly appreciate it if i got it. I am 13 and i need more a.r. points and this is totally up my alley=)! If you give this 2 me i will totally tell my friends 2 read your other books!!!!!!!!

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