Review Policy

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EmailFor authors and publishers:

This is an international blog, and I am situated in Finland, but I only review in English on this blogI also have a few associate reviewers that shows up now and then

I read and review most genres:
– Fantasy
– Urban fantasy
– Paranormal romance
– Science Fiction-Steampunk

– Fiction
– Historical Fiction
– Contemporary romance
– Historical romance
– Chick-lit
– YA

– I read print books and a few select ebooks when I am able to, but I do also have associate reviewers that are open to ebooks
My policy
– If I get an ARC I will review the book around the time it comes out (or when it is needed, we can work things out)
– If it is a book that has already been published I will review it in a couple of weeks, or if there is another arrangement.
– I will post on Amazon, GoodReads, Shelfari, Library Thing, twitter,  and Facebook (or any other place if it is needed, and I have the means to)

Contact me

My book review archive can be found here
I am also open for interviews, contests and guestposts.
I always give my honest opinion about how the book made me feel and think, how I liked the story and so on. All in my own style.——————————-

Meet me and the gang

I am the owner of this blog and I have been blogging since December 2008. I love books and chocolate. I am from Finland and when I found blogging, I found out that there are so many awesome books out there. And I just have to write about them.

“Hi, my name is Carole Rae and I’m addicted to books. I read all sorts, but my favorites are Historical Romance, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, the Classics, Action, War, and etc. I’m pretty much game for any thing, except for Steampunk. Just having a hard time getting into that one. Anyways, I live in Michigan which is in the United States and I go to college. That’s about it.”

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