Preternatural – G.S.Anderson

From the reality of the known to the depths of imagination, these twelve tales will skew your perceptions. Embracing mystery, science fiction, horror, and fantasy, the stories examine greed, ignorance, superficiality, and our ideas of home. A little girl wonders about the price of her new home. A woman searches for a place to fit in. A contest exposes hidden personalities. A man tries to overcome his fears. A gift comes with strings attached. A man lives his greatest dream. A fairy tale finds a little girl. An artist describes her process. A soldier discovers the past. A woman encounters reality. A man holds the key to saving the world. Tales to entertain, surprise, and make you think.
My thoughts:
There are 12 stories and as the book is only 60 pages then yes all the stories are really short. But they all pack quite the punch.
That is also why I can’t say a lot about the stories, cos I say one thing and the whole thing is spoiled.
1. Seemingly dystopian, then it change for the little girl. And the end, yes I did not see it coming. It’s about a little girl getting a new home.
2.A story about a woman who has a bookloving sister. A more quiet story.
3. A mum tells her son to go out and play….boom! Ha.
4. A relative dies and sets a contest about who will get it all. Boom! I love her endings!
5. Astraphobia. A man is afraid of the thunder. Honestly all I could say about all of these are, awesome ending!
6. The Gift. Dystopia with a nice twist.
7. One man at a time. A man gets the chance of a lifetime. Happiness or not?
8. The unicorn. I love all the twists and turns.
9. Piecé dé résitance. An artist shows us her work. Freaky.
10. Short fable.
11. To kill Hitler. A time-travel piece.
12. The end. Apocalyptic story with you guessed it, a twist.
I could not say much cos all these stories will surprise you. And in a good way. Twists, turns and surprise endings. Great short stories, and they are great just like that, as short stories. Because this way they all will thrill and surprise you. 😉
I would recommend them and they would fit perfectly for before bedtime. A short story and then night 🙂

ebook, 60 pages
Published April 18th 2014 by The Story Vault
Science-fiction /dystopia /post-apocalyptic
For review 

Review: Osiris – E.J.Swift

Osiris is a lost city. She has lost the world and the world has lost her. 

Adelaide Rechnov, wealthy socialite and granddaughter of the Architect, spends her time in pointless luxury, rebelling against her family in a series of jaded social extravagances and scandals until her twin brother disappears in mysterious circumstances. 

Vikram Bai lives in the Western Quarter, home to the poor decedents of storm refugees and effectively quarantined from the wealthy elite. His people live with cold and starvation, but the brutal winter coming promises civil unrest, and a return to the riots of previous years. 

Brought together by circumstance and fate, these two very different people attempt to bridge the divide lurking at the heart of Osiris, but who is using whom, and what secrets will they uncover?
My thoughts:
Osiris was a dream that turned to dust, but then what kind of dystopia post-apocalyptic book would we have if everything did not go to hell?
In this world storms and well everything really turned the world to a wasteland and Osiris was a refuge for some. The rest of the world is dead..or is it? (no really is it? I wanna know!! I guess I have to wait until book 2 for that). But this Oasis is not a happy place. There are citizens who have it all, and then refuges behind a wall who has nothing and freeze to death. The perfect setting to cause some conflict. Especially since our heroine is a spoiled rich girl and the hero a poor Westerner.
The premise is interesting. A city eating itself, but some being to close-minded to see it. A world where I wonder if anyone is alive in the world? Because the rich have secrets.
The characters are not exactly lovable. Adelaide is rich and spoiled, and obsessed with finding her lost brother. Vikram on the other hand is nice, but maybe a bit naive. Sometimes you just have to storm the barricades. But they grow on you.
Osiris has a pace of it’s own, it moves slowly, like a dream but always forward and never slowing down that it would get boring. And when it ends I do wonder, what’s next? I enjoyed it.

Series; The Osiris project #1
Genre: Post-apocalyptic, dystopia
Pages: 448
Published: February 2013 by Del Rey UK
Source for review

Review: Feed – Mira Grant

The year was 2014. We had cured cancer. We had beaten the common cold. But in doing so we created something new, something terrible that no one could stop. The infection spread, virus blocks taking over bodies and minds with one, unstoppable command: FEED. Now, twenty years after the Rising, bloggers Georgia and Shaun Mason are on the trail of the biggest story of their lives – the dark conspiracy behind the infected. The truth will get out, even if it kills them.
My thoughts:
I did want more, this is after all Seanan McGuire we are talking about, but then nothing compare to her October books. I love those.
The book was well written, it threw a few punches that made me sit up but for me, yeah, me and thrillers are not exactly a couple. And that is what it was. Lots of politics as they were covering a candidate running for office, political conspiracies and newstalk. Eh, not my cup of tea, and it made some parts of this book frankly a bit boring.
It was still a good book, a book I enjoyed and still finished in a day. But you know not a book that I need to buy book 2 of. I still want to read book 2 and see what happens, but not a buying urge. Here I go again complaining about a book that still was good, yes please do not get me wrong. The book was good! It was just dry at times.
I do not have much more to say. Cool characters, a bit of info dumping (but then we are dealing with zombies and I do want things explained so it was all good).
And I did not see that end coming…
I just wanted more of…something.

Series: Newsflesh trilogy #1
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic /political thriller /zombies
Pages: 571
Published: 2010 by Orbit
Source. Library

Review: Flaming Dove – Daniel Arenson

Outcast from Hell. Banished from Heaven. Lost on Earth. Laila–half angel, half demon. Laila–of tears and blood, of sins and of piety. Laila–alone, in darkness. This is her story.
Genre: Paranormal , post-apocalyptic
Pages: (print 292)
Published: 2010
Source: Freebie
My thoughts:
I am a bit torn really, I really liked the book, but the thing is, I hated the end. I am sure many will say, but the end was perfect! Just as it should be. Well not in this girl’s book. It made me sad and angry.
The world was just, wow, so cool. Earth is almost destroyed, almost no humans around as they are all dead. Instead demons and angels fight each other in a war going on 27 years. I liked the world, the angels, the demons. All strength and weaknesses. 
The main character Laila is both and can neither go to heaven of hell. She is sad, angry and lonely and I loved her. I kind of just wanted to hug her. At least she has one friend, a wolf.
Then there is Michael who is the angel’s leaders, and Belzebub who rules Hell. Both need her to win. A battle of epic proportions are about to begin.
I did not like her sister though, Bat El. She was tstl, but at the same time she was not. She was just pure, naive, a harp playing angel, but still I wanted to give her a smack over the head.
And then there was the end who made me angry. But up to that, one cool book and Arenson a talented writer.

Review: Etiquette for an Apocalypse – Anne Mendel

It’s the 2020 Apocalypse and Sophie Cohen, former social worker turned neighborly drug dealer, must keep her family alive amid those pesky end of the world issues: starvation, earthquakes, plagues, gang violence and alas more starvation.She investigates a serial killing and takes down the sinister emerging power structure while learning to use a pizza box solar oven, bond with her chickens and blast tin cans from the perimeter fence with a Ruger 9MM.

In order to accomplish all this she must find a way to love her mother, accept her daughter’s adulthood and reignite her moribund marriage.

She might discover that a decentralized, consensus driven life—without fossil fuels, iPhones and chocolate éclairs—isn’t the end of the world, after all.
My thoughts:
That which  made me want to try this book was the cover, I mean look at it! So cool and weird, I love it.
It’s the end of the world but some are struggling to survive (it helps having a genius for a brother who can make painkillers:) It’s a new world where those with a skill has survived. Sophie sells drugs, but even in this bleak bleak world the book itself does not feel overly bleak. Because the book is so much more than just another dystopic apocalyptic story. It’s a story about a mother trying to do right by her daughter, a girl becoming a teenager in this kind of world. Oh yes she is not happy. About a marriage that is not as passionate as it used to be. And it’s not easy to be loving when you have nothing to eat and people die around you left and right. And last, dealing with a mother who does not want to accept that the world has changed.
But the family drama and issues aside the book is also a bit of a mystery as women are being murdered and Sophie wants to find out who is doing it. Because no one else care. And by digging around in things she should not more happens, I can’t go into details but it gets exciting.
A bleak world about a family trying to cope. It has this certain feel to it, bleak yet so normal. Many apocalyptic books are awesome, but in the end they are just so freaking big. So much happened, the world has changed too much. Here it feels like this could happen. A supervolcano would just have to explode and that would send ripples through out the world. This is how people would try to get by.
I have said it before, but a different sort of end of the world book, one that I enjoyed and one that felt like it was happening right now.

Genre: Apocalyptic
Pages: 276
Published: April 2012 by Bracket Press
Source: For review

Review: Deacon’s Ark – A.E.Stanton

Series: The New West #2
Genre: Western, Apocalyptic wasteland
Pages: 64, ebook
Published: December 8th, 2011
Publisher; Musa Publishing
Source. For review

Josie and Deacon have left Horsetown and are back in search of The City. Joined by Josie’s youngest sister, Sadie, they decide to travel on the riverboat The Green Goddess to save travel time.
My thoughts:
Josie, Deacon and Sadie are looking for a mystical city. Most of the book takes ship in a ship and they will face some pretty bad things. And since this is a short one I will not say what those bad things are. I want to leave something as a surprise even if you get an idea from the longer blurb that can be found. 
This land is sure going to hell, I have a hard time seeing a future for them. Well it does not take many to start anew but still, as long as they survive what is coming. It’s a nice apocalyptic western series. Hope is not something you find here (well except when talking to Josie and Deacon), and I do like that it is dark.
The book ends with somewhat of a cliffie. I fear what they will see next, and I am hoping for some good news.

Review: A plague of Angels – Sheri S.Tepper

Genre: Fantasy/Sci-fi/ post-apocalyptic
Pages: 576
Published: Oct 13, 2011 (1994)
Publisher: Gollancz
Source: For review

Atop a twisting, canyon-climbing road, a witch lurks in a fortress built strong enough to keep out dragons and ogres. In an enchanted village, a young orphan is maturing into a beautiful woman. A young man seeks adventure in the big city after running away from his family and their small farm. Now a strange and terrible prophecy will set off a chain of events that will bring these three together, in a tale of heroism, romance and an age-old battle. But this is not the fantasy world you expect. The Place of Power is manned by strange, robotic creatures who leak radiation. The Archetypal Village knows what is expected of it, as do the inhabitants. In the city, gangs battle with guns and bombs. And the prophecy may lead to death for all.

My thoughts;
It is hard to describe this book, honestly it is just one of those books you have to read to understand. I have read a Tepper book before, and she does have a way to build a story. It’s filled with marvelous things.
This book starts as fantasy, but nothing is as it seems. No it is this strange mix of fantasy and sci-fi and Tepper does it so well. She mixes things up and little by little I get to understand this world. Is it Earth? Is it a new planet? Is it a fantasy world? Well, I will not tell you that, read and see. What I can tell you is that it is a world that got destroyed by war, by stupidity, by humans. Some left for another planet and those left behind struggled to get by. In the countryside there are villages and farmers. In the cities gangs rule with weapons. In Archetypal villages archetypes live; oracles, prophets, heroes, princesses, witches. Why? To save the rest from those who might cause trouble. There are also Edgers who live behinds walls and have technology, and the place of power where Families rule and use androids. But there are also ogres and dragons in the forest. Like I said, nothing is what it seems. 
There you go, a world so strange, but still very real. There are reasons for everything and we get to know why things are like they are. Books are burned if they are older than 50 years, because if you can’t read about the past, you can’t remember it and you can’t go to war over silly things. There are people out there trying to save nature. And while I read I kept wondering what, and how. The clues are there and it was so fun finding out more. I love a well created world and that it sure is. 
About the story then. Well a young man leaves for the city and becomes a ganger. And orphan is taken to an archetypal village and at the place of power a woman wants just that, power, and to go to the stars. These stories are all connected. I liked Abasio, the boy who leaves for the city. He knows the cities are bad, his own mum had been a gangers concubine and fled. But still he leaves. Orphan is a mystery, and someone is out after her. But she is just a sweet girl. And then there are others that they meet, good people, and bad people. 
I liked it, it was a freaky book, in a good way. I love fantasy so of course I was all over that angle, and sci-fi is fun too. This mix here, more fantasy than sci-fi is another great mix. There is technology, just not much, or used that much. Therefore it makes it the more interesting. She also has a way to keep you interested, because you can’t see anything coming. 
What to call this book then? Post-apocalyptic, dystopia, fantasy, sci-fi, your call. Whatever suits you. And that is also its strong side, it can be something for everyone.
I do recommend it if you want to try something different. Tepper is a master storyteller and she will keep on surprising you. 
Interesting and good