Mischief by Moonlight – Emily Greenwood

With the night so full of romance…
Colin Pearce, the Earl of Ivorwood, never dreamed he’d desire another man’s fiancée, but when his best friend goes off to war and asks Colin to look after the bewitching Josie Cardworthy, he falls under her sparkling spell.

Who can resist mischief?
Josie can’t wait for the return of her long-absent fiancé. If only her beloved sister might find someone, too…someone like the handsome, reserved Colin. A gypsy’s love potion gives Josie the chance to matchmake, but the wild results reveal her own growing passion for the earl. And though fate offers them a chance, a steely honor may force him to reject what her reckless heart is offering…
My thoughts:
Boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, but boy’s best friend gets there first. Yes poor Colin, his friend Josie grew up, he started falling for her but his best friend Nicholas won her.
Colin is still in love with her, but he is a good friend, so he becomes a good friend and only that to her. And again I found myself reading about a nerdy hero who loved history (yay! my kind of guy.)
Josie was a whirlwind! At times I did not think they would suit that well, I thought her sister Edwina would fit him better. But, that’s the thing, you never really know. And they were already best friends too, he had a calming effect on her.
And of course there is mischief going on. Josie tries to set Colin up with her sister, she even gives him a potion. There is a London season and these two slowly moving even closer. But there is that bog cloud, she is in love with someone else, or is she?
A fun mischievous book.

Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages
Expected publication: June 3rd 2014 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
Mischief #3
Historical romance
for review


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