Early Review: The Splendour Falls – Susanna Kearsley

1205 – the town of Chinon is beseiged by enemies of King John, and his young Queen calls upon a trusted servant to conceal her treasured jewels.

Emily Braden is intrigued by the medieval story of Queen Isabelle, and cannot resist when her cousin Harry, a historian, suggests a trip to the white-walled town of Chinon, nestling in France’s Loire Valley. But when Harry vanishes and Emily begins to search for him, she stumbles across another intriguing mystery — a second Isabelle, a chambermaid during the Second World War, who had her own tragedy, and her own treasure to hide.

As Emily explores the ancient town of labyrinthine tunnels, old enmities, and new loves, she finds herself drawn ever closer to the mysterious Isabelles and their long-kept secrets.
My thoughts:
This was my favorite Kearsley book to date, there was just something over it. The atmosphere, the French city of Chinon, the mystery, it all fell into place.
As often with Kearsley books there are more than 1 story. Though the the 2 other stories only get a few pages here and there. First we have Isabelle, the wife of King John, and during the siege of the Castle of Chinon she hides a treasure. During WWII a second Isabelle has her own share of tragedy.
The main story is about Emily who comes to Chinon because her cousin Henry is set on finding the missing treasure. And there we have the perfect setting of Chinon, and the guests of the hotel she is staying at. Lots of strange and fun people. And there might also be a chance of romance, but that is not the focus. That is on the mystery around the two Isabelle’s and things are getting dangerous at the end.
I liked all the characters and the mystery. And well all the revelations we get. It was well written and it kept me reading and reading.

Paperback, 384 pages
Expected publication: January 14th 2014 by “Sourcebooks Landmark” (first published December 7th 1995)
Fiction / Historical Fiction / mystery
For review


29 thoughts on “Early Review: The Splendour Falls – Susanna Kearsley

  1. Victoria S says:

    hmm… these are not the time periods I generally read about, but you definitely make it sound like an interesting read! And I've heard good things about Kearsley's writing. πŸ™‚

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