Best of 2013

Now where did 2013 go? Anyway, before we start with the best of I will give some stats from a year of blogging 🙂

I read 211 books last year + 10 short stories
I dnf 9 books (or so)
I listened to 9 audio books (all this fall, I am quite smitten, but I do have a hard time finding good ones)
And now to the Top 5 of 2013, in now real order as that would be too hard
I had planned to make another book best book of the year, but when I had a look back I of course remembered this one from early 2013. I was so caught up in this book and when I finished it I was all o_O Fantastico! Never ever have book 2 in a series made me feel like this. It was an awesome book.

This one was meant to be the best, but then in a way it was still the best book of the year cos I really can’t compare The Kingdom and this book. The Kingdom was a masterpiece of emotions while Promise of Blood was a masterpiece of writing. The best fantasy book of this year and a chunkster I could not put down. I fell in love.
And the rest are in no real order
The first 150 pages I was all holy F this is exciting! Omg Hugh!!! Squeeee. Best Kate book so far.
This was epic fantasy at it’s best, it was just so bloody epic. Never have there been a city like this city.
This series had NOT compared to Mercy and when I started book 3 I did not really have any hopes for it. But it showed to be the best in the series so far and I do love this series now. This is was Briggs rule.

And here are some of the other good books I have read this year, all awesome 4 stars

Series started this year: Too many
Series finished: Too few

Most read Author this year: Karen Miller
Fav genre of the year. Still Fantasy

Best covers of the year, I can’t decide between these 3:

Here is to hoping 2014 will be awesome too!


53 thoughts on “Best of 2013

  1. Lauren Elizabeth says:

    Happy belated new year! Sorry I've been MIA, I've been traveling for the holidays. You have had a pretty kick butt reading year, it seems! Here's hoping 2014 is just as good! 🙂

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