Review: The Better part of Valour – Tanya Huff

Best known for her Quarters series and vampire novels, Tanya Huff stunned critics and fans with Valor’s Choice, her first military science fiction novel. This thrilling sequel follows the Confederation’s investigation of a seemingly abandoned alien spaceship.
My thoughts:
Torin continues to kick ass in this book, though kick ass is not the right thing to say in a way. She is a marine, she does her duty, the follows orders (tries too), she takes care of those serving with her.
The old gang is not in this book as she has to work with new people and a idiot who is hungry for media attention. Yeah, one of those idiots who gets his squad killed and manages to come out looking like a hero. I did not like him or the politics for promoting him. While regular soldiers got to suffer and die under him.
It was more space ship action here, and I do tend to enjoy it more when they are on…land or what I should call it. But it would sure make a cool action movie. Creepy alien space ship that I did not know what to make up, insert some music of doom and we are all set.
Action, danger, and a strange space ship stranded in space. Death and destruction promised.
This was the reason I was meh over cove 1, they are the same except for the background and color

Paperback, 348 pages
Published December 2013 by Titan Books (first published March 1st 2002)
Confederation #2
For review


34 thoughts on “Review: The Better part of Valour – Tanya Huff

  1. Melissa (Books and Things) says:

    I tend to be like you… I like it when the action is on planets than in ships. Still sounds like a good one. I agree with you on the cover. I thought I got the last review by mistake until I started reading your review. πŸ™‚

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