Review: Hammer of God – Karen Miller

In Ethrea, Rhian sits upon a precarious throne. Defiant dukes who won’t accept her rule threaten the stability of her kingdom. Dexterity has been banished from her court in disgrace. The blue-haired slave Zandakar, the man she thought was her friend, has been revealed as the son of a woman sworn to destroy her world. And Rhian’s husband, King Alasdair, is unsure of her love.

The trading nations refuse to believe Mijak is a threat, and promise reprisals if she dares protect her realm. Only Emperor Han of mysterious Tzhung-tzhungchai knows that the danger from Mijak is real.

But is he an ally, or an enemy in disguise? As she struggles to learn the truth, and keep her embattled crown, the murderous warhost of Mijak advances …
My thoughts:
Yay the end…in a good way 😉 Yay that it was good to the end, but of course I am sad it did end. But trilogies are the best, not too long and not to short. The perfect fantasy formula.
We finally learn what it is that Mijak is hearing. The thing that tells Hekat to go forth and slaughter. Can’t really be God when after having met Dex I get that his God is a good one. While the people of Mijak talk about demons and then go and kill everyone. Now who is listening to demons? It’s a battle of god and bad.
OK so while all that religious stuff is going down Queen Rhian is trying to convince the Dukes that she will be a good queen. And meanwhile across the seas a bloodthirsty people is waiting to conquer the rest of the world. Most of the book is Rhian trying to convince idiots that she is good, or that darkness is coming. But idiots are idiots and do not listen. I did feel at one point that the book could have been 100 pages shorter but it was still a good end to the story.
There is death, darkness, war, politic and characters to love and hate. I enjoyed this series and I must read more by her.
Would I read more?
Yes, definitely. 
Eh, ok

Paperback, 816 pages
Published January 1st 2009 by Orbit (first published 2008)
Godspeaker Trilogy #3


22 thoughts on “Review: Hammer of God – Karen Miller

  1. Mishel says:

    Wow, over 800 pages. =) I'm so glad to hear it was a worthy ending. I enjoy trilogies that wrap up nicely and that are consistently good. I definitely think I'll enjoy this one!!

  2. Lauren Elizabeth says:

    I so often feel fantasy novels could be 100 or so pages shorter, but then I do so enjoy getting wrapped into the details and side stories and back stories of all the characters. It's a tradeoff I guess. Glad to hear you enjoyed this series, I'll have to give it a go! Lovely review 🙂

  3. Aurian says:

    I love your reviews of the good "doorstopper" books. You make me want to reread some of my own. I picked up my favourite Janny Wurts series this morning, to read a few pages in bed.

  4. Carole Rae says:

    I hate when fantasy books are waaaay too big. It's an easy trap to fall into though, because the author wants to describe everything and try to make the reader understand and see what they are seeing.

  5. Blodeuedd says:

    Here it could have worked, I mean I do not mind long books. I just feel that it took a while for it to start. So 100 pages off there would have been better

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