Review: A Dance of Cloaks – David Dalglish

Thren Felhorn is the greatest assassin of his time. Marshalling the thieves’ guilds under his control, he declares war against the Trifect, an allegiance of wealthy and powerful nobles.

Aaron Felhorn has been groomed since birth to be Thren’s heir. Sent to kill the daughter of a priest, Aaron instead risks his own life to protect her from the wrath of his guild. In doing so, he glimpses a world beyond poison, daggers, and the iron control of his father.

Guilds twist and turn, trading allegiances for survival. The Trifect weakens, its reputation broken, its money dwindling. The players take sides as the war nears its end, and Thren puts in motion a plan to execute hundreds. Only Aaron can stop the massacre and protect those he loves…

Assassin or protector; every choice has its consequences.
My thoughts:
I wanted to love it, but sometimes you just meet a book and do not click…at all.
What went wrong then? Oh just about everything. I did not like any of the characters. If everyone had died at the end I would have moved on in a second and been glad since they were all idiots. Was Aaron supposed to be the main person? He felt like a whiny kid who was also a schizophrenic sociopath. I guess maybe his dad is supposed to be the bad guy but hello boring guy. I guess Kayla is gonna be the kickass woman but she is trying way too hard. Alyssa was just a stupid idiot as was the rest of the Trifect. Veliana, eh who? I have forgotten her already. So my problem was definitely characters, no one was likable. And that is super important for me, I need to like someone, cos if I do not, then I just do not care. Or want to read. I fall into skimming.
I read that some felt the book was too violent, but I would not say that. It was more like a little boy who is trying to be tough but fails a bit.
The world was, I mean come on. Someone hire some guys and just kill everyone. Shitty leadership. I blame everyone. But then is how it’s meant to be. 
I do not know, I felt this from page 1, I never got interested in the story, I was never moved. I would have quit long ago but read on. I can see why people could like the book but for me this time it was a fail. Everywhere.
So what to say as a conclusion? Maybe I am just burned out on assassins and, I love them. I just need to feel some love..or like for someone.
At least this one I love

Paperback, 480 pages
Expected publication: October 8th 2013 by Orbit (first published August 16th 2010)
Shadowdance #1
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22 thoughts on “Review: A Dance of Cloaks – David Dalglish

  1. Lauren Elizabeth says:

    Oh no, it sucks that you couldn't connect with the characters. That is so important, if you don't like or at least somewhat care about the characters, it's just never going to work. Thanks for your honest review!

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