Review: In Defense of the Queen – Michelle Diene

An artist never betrays her patron . . . especially one of the world’s most powerful kings.

Susanna Horenbout has learned this lesson from the cradle. But when she receives a letter from her father telling her to do just that, she faces a dilemma. Betray Henry VIII, or carry out the request of her father’s employer, Margaret of Austria, and pass secret information to Henry’s queen, Katherine of Aragon.

Caught between the machinations of her husband and her nephew, the Emperor Charles, Queen Katherine needs all the allies she can get. But what can Susanna really do to help her, and even if she does, will it be enough?

Susanna and her betrothed, Parker——one of Henry’s most trusted courtiers——balance on the knife’s edge of treason as they try to make sense of both international and domestic conspiracies. Sometimes, it’s better the enemy you know . . .
My thoughts:
Sometimes a series just keep on getting better and this one certainly did. This book never let go of me, the suspense was always there. Susanna was truly in trouble. I like it.
This is the third book in the series about Susanna and Parker. Still not married 😉 but it’s coming. There is a message for the queen, but the question is deliver it or not? Treason? And then there again is a plot that needs to be uncovered and dangers for both of them. There is lots of running, spying and hiding.
Now why was this book the best one so far? I always have a hard time putting the finger on what. It just was. The pages flew by, the characters were awesome, the punches kept on coming and the writing was excellent. So, it just was the best one so far 😀 And I want more. Mostly cos I want them to get married and I could see them getting into a lot of trouble at the wedding.
An interesting series set in Tudor times. Suspense, secrets and spies.

Paperback, 355 pages
Published August 1st 2013 by Michelle Diener
Susanna Horenbout and John Parker #3
Historical fiction /mystery
From the author for an honest review


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