Review: Destiny – Alex Archer

An ancient order tied to the Vatican . . . A blood fortune buried in the caves of France . . . A conspiracy of power, greed and darkest evil . . .

Archaeologist and explorer Annja Creed’s fascination with the myths and mysteries of the past leads her to a crypt in the caves of France, where the terrifying legend of the Beast of Gevaudin hints at the unimaginable. What she discovers is shattering: an artifact that will seal her destiny: a brotherhood of monks willing to murder to protect their secret; and a powerful black-market occultist desperate to put his own claim to centuries-old blood money. Annja embarks on a high-tension race across Europe and history itself, intent on linking the unholy treachery of the ages with the staggering revelations of the present. But she must survive the shadow figures determined to silence her threat to their existence.
My thoughts:
 I was not impressed by this book, it felt rather B. Like the show Relic Hunter, a total B tv-series, but still at least that show was funny while this book was lacking.
I also saw that there are like 40 books out! All with the same plot. Annja finds an artifact, is hunted by bad guys, kidnapped yada yada. The first few books are written by one author, the rest by different ones so I am sure there is a difference in quality too. I decided not to read any more.
Yup Annja, she is great at everything! She is special too. There is some complaining when she works for a crappy network tvshow, well do some teaching or digging then. Anyway, she finds a coin, bad guys comes, monks comes, God comes (almost) and she finds two weird guys.
First, why was the baddie after her? It was stupid. Do some research man instead of sending goons after an innocent woman. Honestly worst baddie ever, there is something called google. Then there were the monks…eh, secret? Lame secret! One would think the Catholic Church would not bother about something that happened 250 years ago when they have bigger problems right now. There were some eyerolls there.
The book has something promising, but I wont read 40 books of the same story when the story was lacking.

Mass Market Paperback, 346 pages
Published July 11th 2006 by Gold Eagle (first published July 1st 2006)
Rogue Angel, #1
Adventure / paranormal


34 thoughts on “Review: Destiny – Alex Archer

  1. says:

    40 books in one series??!! That is ridiculous, especially with the fact that they are all the same plot line. 😦 I'm sorry you didn't care for this story that much, but I'm happy you decided to stop right there and not continue on with the next book "just to feel things out". 🙂

  2. Aurian says:

    I have had this series on my wishlist since I first found out about it. I confess, I am amazed at how often new books are published in it. Someday I will try it though, I like things archeology.

  3. Lauren Elizabeth says:

    40 books? OMG no way. And they're not even the same author? This just sounds so weak to me. Love this –> "Honestly worst baddie ever, there is something called google." 😀

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