Review: Mist – Susan Krinard

Centuries ago, all was lost in the Last Battle when the Norse gods and goddesses went to war. The elves, the giants, and the gods and goddesses themselves were all destroyed, leaving the Valkyrie Mist one of the only survivors. Or so she thought.

When a snowy winter descends upon modern-day San Francisco in June, Mist’s quiet existence starts to feel all too familiar. In quick succession, Mist is attacked by a frost giant in a public park and runs into an elf disguised as a homeless person on the streets…and then the man Mist believed was her mortal boyfriend reveals himself to be the trickster god, Loki, alive and well after all these years.

Loki has big plans for the modern world, and he’s been hanging around Mist for access to a staff that once belonged to the great god Odin. Mist is certain of one thing: Loki must be stopped if there is to be any hope for Earth. But the fight is even bigger than she knows….

Because Loki wasn’t the only god to survive.

My thoughts:

I did expect more from this cos it had such a cool premise with Norse Mythology. The myths of my genes (my soul is another business). But I just never connected with Mist. For someone that old she was not very smart.

I know I read an ARC but I just came across such an unforgivable thing. “The Border of Norway and Switzerland”, oh I did not now that. Has Norway moved? And do not give me the they both begin with Sw. I expect more from an ARC that deals with Norse mythology. I wondered how others would feel about this book, strange words and things are scattered through out it I know Norwegian, I know my myths so that was not a problem, but did others feel the same? Or would it be confusing?

Still it had its good moments. Action with frost giants, a strange Elf, and of course the great trickster Loki causing havoc. And I know he is a lusty devil, but enough is enough. It just got icky and he was not a baddie I was scared of. But there is a good cliffie ending that promising bad things to happen. How on earth Mist will get out of this one I do not know. Maybe Ragnarök will finally happen.


But for me connection is important and sadly it did not happen for me this time. But the story was promising.

Mist #1
Urban Fantasy
Paperback, 384 pages
Published July 16th 2013 by Tor Books
For review


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