Carole R Reviews. My Year as a Clown – Robert Steven Williams

Author: Robert Steven Williams
Title: My Year as a Clown
Genre: Fiction, Drama
Pages: ebook
First Published: December 26th, 2012
Where I Got It: Given to me by the author and publisher to read and give an honest review

With My Year as a Clown, Williams introduces us to Chuck Morgan, a new kind of male hero—imperfect and uncertain—fumbling his way forward in the aftermath of the abrupt collapse his 20-year marriage.

Initially, Chuck worries he’ll never have a relationship again, that he could stand in the lobby of a brothel with a hundred dollar bill plastered to his forehead and still not get lucky. But as his emotionally raw, 365-day odyssey unfolds, Chuck gradually relearns to live on his own, navigating the minefield of issues faced by the suddenly single—new routines, awkward dates, and even more awkward sex.”

Like earlier stated, I was given this to read for my honest and unbiased opinion.

I was initially drawn to this book by the title and the cover. Such an interesting title. The cover is plain, but it really matches the story and the main character, Chuck. It fits. Chuck is an interesting character, but in the end he is just the guy next door. An average Joe of sorts. I really enjoyed reading the book in the guys view. There are a scarce amount of books following the man’s POV after a divorce or break-up (or just in general). I also loved how it seemed that Chuck was writing some sort of journal to keep his sanity throughout Claudia leaving him.

Poor guy. He went through so much shit throughout that year. Stupid Claudia…if I was him I would give her not a dime. She was the reason for the divorce…she cheated and left him for another man. Stupid…>.> I hate women like her. I do. He did really nothing wrong (besides for get fired) and wanted to live his dream of being a writer. They didn’t suffer of lack of funds. They had enough money for him to try and become a writer. He paid for her college and that is how she repays him????!!!!! GAH! I must leave this ramble….

*clears throat* Sorry. But women like her give good girls, like me, a bad name. *grumbles* stupid chit….

I really enjoyed the array of characters the author gave us. Chuck met some rather interesting people along the way. However, sometimes I was rather stunned by how cheesy and odd the Rabbi was. I didn’t trust the man at all throughout the whole book. He seemed too cool and I was right that it was too cool to be true. I can not say more on this point without spoiling anything…but I have never heard of a Rabbi being a pot-head. JUST saying.

What else can I really say? I did like this book. It was a different book, but pretty good. Though I found some spots cheesy and unbelievable (aka, the Rabbi), I did enjoy it. Claudia needed a good punch to the face. Also, the ending left me dried mouth and a little empty. The epilogue was a little dry in my opinion and I really wanted to know more about future events for Chuck…like did he ever really settle down again? What about the other characters/friends of his? Sighs.

In the end, this was a good book. I enjoyed the journey and it really made me think about myself and what I would do in a similar situation. Even though I’m a chicka and he is a male, I still found myself connecting to him once in a while. I’m glad I agreed to read this book, because it was a mighty shake up to my reading bookshelf. I would recommend this to people who like people stories and for those that need a good shake up in their readings. Chuck was an interesting character. He was not at all perfect and I liked that. Just an average Joe with complexities. I shall stamp this with 4 stars.

Favorite Character(s): Chuck, Pauline, and Siobhan
Not-so Favorite Character(s): Claudia (*grumble*whore*grumble*), Jimmy, Bart, and the Rabbi 


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