Lady Scoundrels’ discussion: Trick of Time by JL Merrow

Today it’s time for Trick of Time by JL Merrow
Ok how about those sex scenes?
Ram: Clichéd.
Ana: What sex scenes? Is it a way to start a book discussion?
Blod: Well there was some licking in…ahem areas where..yeah and cuddling LOL
Ana:What kind of discussion is it exactly? Licking??? I feel scandalized now.
Blod: You told me to start! All I remember is the licking and the ohh whore! pants dropped scene.
Ana: Ram asked us to read a bawdy book, that’s what it was.
Ram: …I asked you to read a M/M novella. Of course it’s a bawdy book.
Blod: Hihi, well there had to be some whore action considering 
Ana: it was all ridiculous but the most ridiculous of all was the time-travel aspect. Senseless
Blod: What! Noooooo! Time-travel rocks.
Ana: time travel is like rocks – plenty of writers have shipwrecked and some of them, they’ll never learn. I have never read a book where it was done right. 
Blod: Why was it bad?
Ana: How can it be called good? It lacked logic.
Ram: Whut? Why is what can be called good? 
Ana: Time travel and you should know it the best, our resident scientist.
Ram: Har har har.
Blod: I am a daydreamer, I believe and love all the silly things
Ram: I thought the logic was done well enough for a novella. I wasn’t expecting lengthy pseudo-scientific explanations. That a play in a certain theatre acted as a key to unlock a wormhole into another year worked for me. It’s called suspending disbelief, which I signed up for when I picked a book about time-travel.
Ana: But it was never explained why it was that particular play and not the other ones and why it affected only Ted, not anybody else. It was rubbish.
Ram: The accident. A series of coincidences. 
Ana: I snort in your general direction, coincidences. There are no coincidences in good books, novellas or otherwise.
Blod: GOD did it…ok maybe not.
Ana: what God and why he/she took that particular care of a queer? Idiotic.
Blod: Oh I should not joke about that, it was the universe
Ram: I’m starting to think you just wanted a book to rip apart now. 
Ana: No, not at all. I am not that mean. I am MEANER. This made me mad because it WAS bad.
Blod: Well I enjoyed it, fluffy time-travel, some whore smexing, and it was short
Ram: Sometimes fluff is good, although I’m usually allergic to the stuff.
Ana: damn, don’t tell me…and pray, how come Jem could travel along Ted without one single consequence? HOW?
Blod: Oh Ana, just believe
*Ana spits venom and fire* not a cat in hell’s chance. So tell me what else did you enjoy apart from the smexing and homoerotic fluff?
Blod: …, true love wins?
Ana: true lust takes over?
Ram: Angst.
Ana: what angst? 
Ram: Ted’s suffering before the time travel bit and his continued worry about what his dead husband would have thought.
Ana *cackles* oh yeah, he suffered for about 10 minutes and then he had a blowjob and stopped, poor thing ;p.
Ram: It was a novella. Try to remember that. And he’d been alone for year and a half.
Ana: I hate novellas, it is known. You owe me a good novel, m/m but good.
Ram: I thought I’d already recommended you one good one with a rent boy. This balances the scales.
Ana: ? Refresh my memory, please.
Ram: What I need by Theda Black. 
Ana: *looks at it suspiciously* too short.
Ram: Maurice? American Love Songs? Counterpunch (with modern slavery)? Dark Space? The Marrying Kind? Muscling Through by JL Merrow?
Ana: will do.
Blod: Hey you guys, do not talk too much without me! *reads that Ana hates novellas* Well I do too
Ram: Oops.
Blod: But for a novella this one worked. I am usually very meh about them and they do not make me want to read more
Ana: It didn’t work for me, not really. Ok, maybe the fluffy scenes but still they were silly.
Ram: Silly? Yes. Bad? No. 
Blod: I do confess that I never got why Ted was so in love and I did think the rent boy was just after a quick easy way out. But it was a novella, I forgive it
Ana: well, I don’t. I am not a forgiving kind I suppose.
Blod: It was even the best Scoundrel book so far
Ana: now that’s pure outrage
Ram: *snort* I think I liked Song of Scarabeaus more though 😛
Blod: Do not even mention that boring book to me
Ana: yes, Song of Scarabaeus was far better. ;p
Ram: *giggles*
Ana : who would you recommend this one to *nobody, say nobody* ?
Ram: Someone wanting to read a short M/M time travel story. Don’t expect to be wowed and be prepared to suspend disbelief. 
Blod: Fans of m/m
Ram: You’re nobody then? Liar.
Ana: Nemo, call me Nemo *swims away*
Ram: It’s your turn to pick a book…
Ana: hahahahahahaha, wait and seeeee….
…problems with the broadcast. No one was able to get the last word and the discussion is still ongoing. We apologise….

35 thoughts on “Lady Scoundrels’ discussion: Trick of Time by JL Merrow

  1. Jenny says:

    Fluffy time travel with some m/m smexy times? Sounds pretty good to me! I don't mind novellas, sometimes it's fun to just having something short to give me a break before I pick up the next novel:)

  2. Karen says:

    I tend to let a lot go in terms of logic with novellas if I like the characters. But time travel in a novella – I'm not so sure. That stretches my believability in general but in a novella I'm not sure I could buy into it without a longer explanation.

  3. Aurian says:

    Awesome discussion again ladies! But I don't read m/m so this won't be put on the wishlist. I do like time travel books. Ana, try some Melissa Mayhue. Timetravel because of Fairy Magic.

  4. Bellas Bookshelf says:

    The only reason novellas bug me is because they arent long enough! I know defeats the purpose, but I have not read many that fully finish and leave me satisfied at the end. Ok, at BEA I grabbed a few M/M books & gave them to my brother in law, except for one. It's about 2 wolf's and a vampire. Its pretty good. Paranormal Romance M/M. I was so into it I missed the first stop on the train home 🙂 Luckily the 2nd stop was only 5 minutes away from #1.

  5. Blodeuedd says:

    Same here. Things happen too fast, and then they are finished! I want more stuff in between.LOL. Well that happens 😉 And those are the truly awesome books when you are so in to them. And I would not say no to a wolf vamp book

  6. Lauren Elizabeth says:

    Sorry if this posts twice, I thought I posted it last night, but my browser seems to have frozen. Anyway, fabulous discussion again ladies! These always crack me up. I think after reading this I almost want to read this novella purely so I can laugh at it. I can get down with the lack of logic and just go with it. Love this "I snort in your general direction, coincidences." I feel that way about oh so many books…. 🙂

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