Flash Fiction Friday #1

It has been AGES since I did a flash so here I am again
A pic is posted on Monday, then you write 350 words about it 🙂

Hosted by Tink’s Place
The slave

It was cage, just like any other cage. She was treated like a princess, but that did not make up for the fact that she was a slave. A cage was a cage none the less. And cages happened to girls who did not listen.
Marayna looked through the bars and sighed. She had been here for years and sometimes she lost hope of ever escaping. She had been a young foolish girl who had ventured outside the borders of her homelands and had been taking by slave traders. Even though she knew that elves like her were something everyone wanted. The Elven Council tried to buy back every slave they found from the pagan North. But her, well no one had ever come for her.
He was there again. She tried not to look at him but found it hard. She always wanted to look at him when he stopped by the palace gardens. He seemed nice, but then who wouldn’t feed the caged animal? Sometimes he tried to coax her to talk too, but she dared not.
He sighed and walked away from her cage. She watched him in silence and closed her eyes. She was lonely. She closed her eyes harder so not to cry. So very lonely. A sound made her look up. He was back. He smiled and offered her something. She came closer and took it from his hand. It was a honey cookie and she smiled as she ate it. He tried to speak to her again, but she did not know enough of their language to fully comprehend him. So he walked away once again.

That same evening women came to get her. They bathed her and dressed her in the finest dress she had ever seen. They fed her honey cakes and gave her the sweetest wine. They chattered on and on about something that she did not understand. And when they painted her nails she started to fear. Was this not more than just for standing display in the gardens? Should she fear? Should she expect the worst? She braced herself as they showed her to way and opened to massive doors. They closed them behind her and she was alone. She took a deep breath. She had faces worse. But then he came, and he smiled.


Done 😀

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