Review: Daughter of the Sky – Michelle Diener

The sole survivor of a shipwreck off the Zululand coast, 15 year-old Elizabeth Jones is taken in by the Zulus, the people of the sky. Six years later, her white skin becomes useful to the Zulu army as they try to work out why the Victorian Empire has pointed their war-machine at the Zulu nation. Elizabeth is suddenly Zululand’s most important spy.

While infiltrating the British camp, Elizabeth’s disguise as a young soldier is uncovered almost immediately by Captain Jack Burdell. However, he believes the tale she spins of searching for a missing brother and shields her from discovery, allowing her to bunk in his tent and giving her a job as his batman. Burdell is war-weary and disillusioned – no longer willing to follow regulations at all costs.

But as Elizabeth and Jack explore their growing attraction to each other, the two armies move towards their inevitable clash. Elizabeth is torn between the guilt of betrayal and her fierce loyalty to her Zulu family, and when Zulu and British meet on the battlefield, both she and Jack find their hearts and their lives caught in the crossfire.
My thoughts:
I can’t say that I have ever read anything in this era in this place. All new to me, but new is good.
It’s about a young girl who grows up to a young woman among the Zulus. Elizabeth has no love for the British (and it’s totally understandable) and she gets a new home and family threw a horrible accident. But for her it’s all the better. A new way of life, and a new look at life. She was strong, she felt real, because even if she is strong she is also afraid.
All good things must come to an end and the British Empire was not exactly known to be nice all the time. War is on the horizon and in comes our hero of the book. And it felt totally refreshing for him to actually notice that she is a woman! Yes I know the rest did not but like it was said, sometimes you do not see the obvious. Especially not if it’s sun burnt and has learnt not to walk like your petticoat will show by accident. So yes they did not see, but Jack takes a closer look at does notice. And in comes a bit of tension as they get to know each other, and to want each other. Jack was real too, he was tired of war, and things just did not make sense anymore. Of course, he was nice too, always a plus.
It was interesting to read about, as I have not read anything about this war before, or anything set near it. I also liked to see her free spirit, to see if they ever would let go and just fall in love, and to see how it all would play out in the end.
An interesting book, historical fiction with a  romantic side to it.
I like it

Historical fiction
Paperback, 340 pages
Published March 1st 2013 by Michelle Diener
For review


32 thoughts on “Review: Daughter of the Sky – Michelle Diener

  1. Carole Rae says:

    I worry that it'll end with the White man from the big army being the only way to "save" to Zulu/native tribe. Besides for that stereotypical ending, I think I would enjoy this.

  2. Jenny Girl says:

    This is so not your usual Blodeuedd. I really like the sound of this one because of the historical backdrop. Not a time period featured very often.

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