Review: A stitch in time – Amanda James

A stitch in time saves nine… or does it? Sarah Yates is a thirty something history teacher, divorced, disillusioned and desperate to have more excitement in her life. Making all her dreams come true seems about as likely as climbing Everest in stilettos.

Then one evening the door bell rings and the handsome and mysterious John Needler brings more excitement than Sarah could ever have imagined. John wants Sarah to go back in time…

Sarah is whisked from the Sheffield Blitz to the suffragette movement in London to the Old American West, trying to make sure people find their happy endings. The only question is, will she ever be able to find hers?
My thoughts:
How to tell this quickly, well a cute guy shows up and tells her she must stitch together times and sends her back to do so. If she saves 3 she saves 9 and more. Will she do it?
I am taking a step back. Our heroine Sarah is unhappy, she is a teacher but has issues at work. Her personal life sucks too. And if I was her I would also be unhappy. But in comes mystery guy from the time agency. And because she is a history teacher she does well with her time-hopping. She gets to to go to WWII Sheffield, to play little house on the prairie and to be a maid. But yes her modern sensibilities both saves her and gets her in trouble. But then it was not easy back then, and certainly not for a modern woman.
Oh yes, I did not forget mystery guy, there are sparks there and I will say no more.
Time-travel, romance and lives to be saved in this interesting mix.
Her roots are showing, that is all I see

Romantic Fiction
Paperback, 301 pages
Published April 7th 2013 by Choc Lit (first published January 1st 2013)
For review


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