Review: Darius – Grace Burrowes

Desperate, penniless, and shunned by his wealthy father, Darius Lindsey begins offering himself secretly to jaded society ladies. He hangs onto his last shreds of honor, but he’s losing ground financially each month.

That is until the aging Lord William Longstreet makes Darius an offer he can’t refuse: get the Lord’s pretty young wife-of-convenience, Lady Vivian, pregnant discreetly, and he will earn enough money to never want again. But problems lie ahead when the stunning Vivian captures his heart, and his clients refuse to let him go. Can Darius untangle himself without scandal and offer himself to Vivian heart and soul?
My thoughts:
I enjoyed this one,  a whore falls in love, awww true love. But they sure gotta work for it.
Right, the whore, ok escort, cos there are certain things he just wont do. Until the right price. Darius must knock up Lady Vivian, cos her nice husband pays for it. Drama!
Lady Vivian is so sweet, so kind, a bit clueless, not seeing what she is worth and I liked her. Because she is just so innocent. She will also do whatever her husband tells her (to save the title when he dies).
Darius is an escort *coughs whore*. He is kind too and he does want to do right by her. But the situation he is in, sticky. I felt sorry for him. Poor guy. Sometimes you just do too much.
This book is, well I do not want to say too much. She needs to get pregnant. She is married. This is a month only thing and then they will part. Darius has his own problems. There is an ass waiting in the shadows (isn’t there always). And there will be more drama, heartache and happiness promised.
A very sweet story about longing.

Lonely Lords #1
Historical romance
Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages
Published April 2nd 2013 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
For review


45 thoughts on “Review: Darius – Grace Burrowes

  1. Jenny says:

    Hmmmm, sticky definitely sounds like a good way to describe this situation. I'm curious to see how it all turns out, though given that it's a romance, I'm sure they find some way to be together:)

  2. Carole Rae says:

    I feel bad the girl….being forced to marry the old man and then being made to have relations with a male escort JUST to get pregnant? I would be PISSED!

  3. Jenny N. says:

    If Vivian and Darius are supposed to be together then I'm wondering what happens to the husband. I have a few thoughts but I guess I will have to read this to find out.

  4. Aurian says:

    I agree with Anachronist (shocking, I know) but I also don't care for books with whores in them, male or female. And yes, I know most rakes are some kind of manwhores without the payment issues. But I am really glad you liked this one Blodeuedd, and I enjoyed reading your review.

  5. Lexi H says:

    I am with Staci, I have tried this author before and it was meh. But after reading your review I kinda want to give this one a try. Good enough for a light afternoon of reading right?

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