Review. The Kingdom of Gods – N.K. Jemisin

For two thousand years the Arameri family has ruled the world by enslaving the very gods that created mortalkind. Now the gods are free, and the Arameri’s ruthless grip is slipping. Yet they are all that stands between peace and world-spanning, unending war. 

Shahar, last scion of the family, must choose her loyalties. She yearns to trust Sieh, the godling she loves. Yet her duty as Arameri heir is to uphold the family’s interests, even if that means using and destroying everyone she cares for.

As long-suppressed rage and terrible new magics consume the world, the Maelstrom — which even gods fear — is summoned forth. Shahar and Sieh: mortal and god, lovers and enemies. Can they stand together against the chaos that threatens?
My thoughts:
I really should write a review the minute I finish the book, even if I am just a day late I feel all meh. Anyway…
This is the last book in this trilogy and it’s about Sieh, the kid, the trickster, the lonely one. He is, yes how to describe him? Like I said, a trickster. He can play one minute, rip people to pieces the next if they anger him. Godlings do what they want.
Then he meats Sharar and Deka. Siblings, one heir to the world. I can’t say more here cos the consequences echoes through out the whole book, they are the whole book. They are two proud kids cos they are after all Arameri. But they can also be loving, jealous and I will say no more.
There is also a shadow player in this book. A story I liked as everything looked so dark.
The book was better than the last, but then the last disappointed me to no end. But it still was not as good as the first, but then the first blew me away with it’s language. This one instead is a joy to read because of a good story, complex characters and a world that is old and well done, and a world that needs to change.
So I would say, good ending to this series. And yes the end, I really liked the end.

Series: The Inheritance cycle #3
Genre. Fantasy
Pages: 613
Published: 2011 by Orbit
Source. Own


I did well in the TBR challenge and I am happy 😀
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The Emperor’s soul by Brandon Sanderson
The kingdom by Amanda Stevens
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Dark Haven by Gail Z Martin
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Left hand magic by Nancy A Collins
Road trip of the living dead by Mark Henry
The Magician’s guild by Trudi Canavan
Kitty and the Midnight hour by Carrie Vaughn
Grave Memory by Kalayna Price
The kingdom of Gods by NK Jemisin
Osiris by Ej Swift
(2013 books but still counting)
A red sun also rises by Mark Hodder 
A conspiracy of alchemists by Liesl Schwarz

Etiquette and espionage by Gail Carriger

38 thoughts on “Review. The Kingdom of Gods – N.K. Jemisin

  1. Carole Rae says:

    Aye…thats why I always try and do my review within the first 48 hours after finishing a book. If not I forgot 99% of what I want to say or I just lack the motivation to write the review. >.<

  2. Jenny says:

    That's exactly why I sit down almost immediately and write my reviews! Otherwise I completely lose whatever emotion I had while reading and I'm already moving on to the next one in my mind:) Glad this one was at least better than book 2!

  3. Heidi@Rainy Day Ramblings says:

    I have to write my reviews right away or I lose momentum as well. Sounds like this series was a great start then did the middle book thing and finished strong. I hate when series do that. Hey you rocked your challenge. I made it through ten and I am happy as I also kept up on my ARCS>

  4. Lauren Elizabeth says:

    Wow you kicked butt on the challenge! Seriously jealous. I only did 4 books. 😦 But I really only did the read a thon weekend, so I guess I won't feel too bad. Glad this series ended well for you, though it sounds like I'd enjoy the first book the most. I do love trickster gods though (you gotta love Loki types).

  5. Blodeuedd says:

    I am glad I am not alone 😀 I do not get some that write them weeks later, sure they got notes perhaps, but for me that would not work. My mindset would be all wrong

  6. Blodeuedd says:

    I know, yay, but I felt I had to. Since I am moving in a month and I just can't take every book with me.Book 1 was epic and beautiful. The prose moved me,

  7. Felicia the Geeky Blogger says:

    Well at least it was better than the last and ended somewhat strong. Excellent beginning with a strong ending in series is always important. There is always that one in the series that leaves you shaking your head!

  8. Lexi H says:

    The language of book one blew you away huh…makes me wonder if it was vulgar or just incredibly well done???The cover looks nice, though I don't think this series will end up in my TBR list.

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