Review: A red sun also rises – Mark Hodder

My name is Aiden Fleischer. I was forced from my home, moved among the victims of Jack the Ripper, was tortured by a witch doctor, and awoke on another planet. Throughout it all, my assistant, Clarissa Stark, remained at my side.

On Ptallaya, we were welcomed by the Yatsill. The creatures transformed their society into a bizarre version of our own, and we found a new home beneath the world’s twin suns. But there was darkness in my soul, and as the two yellow globes set, I was forced to confront it, for on Ptallaya…
… and with it comes an evil more horrifying than any on Earth.
My thoughts:
Now how to explain this book…I do not think I will able too. It’s an adventure that you just have to read to truly get.
We have a hero and a heroine. Aiden, a priest who is not good at being a priest, and Clarissa, who is so smart but disfigured and therefore she has to beg for bread. But then she starts to work for Aiden, and they become friends and discuss religion among other things. This is a theme through out the book, what is good and evil? Anyway the weirdness has not even started, that starts when he becomes a missionary and we end up with this Alice in Wonderland kind of story. A freaky new world, complex and just really weird. Now I will tell you no more as the world needs to be explored on its own. And then you will come to realize things  as it evolves.
There is a lot I would like to say, but just think of two people put in a new world. A world that makes no sense at all, and take it from there. You will experience a world like no other.
Also throw in some politics, philosophy, religion, and of course steampunk.

Genre. Steampunk /adventure / historical
Pages: 288
Published: January 2013 by del Rey
Source. for review


50 thoughts on “Review: A red sun also rises – Mark Hodder

  1. Blodeuedd says:

    `Haha, trust me I am all confused by reading it. I do not think it's a book that will fit everyone. Some might not like all the strangeness or the way it's written. You have to take a leap of faith

  2. Jenny says:

    I have a soft spot for disfigured/damaged/scarred characters, so I'm already rooting for Clarissa! Sounds like a truly unique world too:)

  3. Lauren Elizabeth says:

    Wow that description is all over the placeβ€”Jack the Ripper, witch doctors, new planets. I can see why it would be hard to describe, just something you need to experience for yourself. It sounds like you enjoyed it, so I definitely need to give it a try. This is just weird enough for me to be totally intrigued. πŸ™‚

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