Review: A Memory of Light – Robert Jordan

In the Field of Merrilor the rulers of the nations gather to join behind Rand al’Thor, or to stop him from his plan to break the seals on the Dark One’s prison – which may be a sign of his madness, or the last hope of humankind. Egwene, the Amyrlin Seat, leans toward the former.

In Andor, the Trollocs seize Caemlyn.

In the wolf dream, Perrin Aybara battles Slayer.

Approaching Ebou Dar, Mat Cauthon plans to visit his wife Tuon, now Fortuona, Empress of the Seanchan.

All humanity is in peril – and the outcome will be decided in Shayol Ghul itself. The Wheel is turning, and the Age is coming to its end. The Last Battle will determine the fate of the world . . .
My thoughts:

Once upon a time long long ago a young girl newly addicted to fantasy went looking for more to read. And so she found The Wheel of Time and fell happily in love. Fast forward almost 17 years and I finally got the last book. In the mean time the author passed away and my heart was broken until I heard that Brandon Sanderson would finish it from Jordan’s notes.

Honestly what can I say. For the first 300 pages I was all I have it! I have it!!! I did not stop to eat or even pee. I just read on. I read on while bf was looking for books at the library (as we had just been by the post office to get my book). I was a zombie that did not want to stop. Had I not had a job I would have read all night long. Now sadly that did not work 😦

900 pages of battles, of death, destruction, heart ache, surprises. I can’t say anything because that would spoil it all. A thrilling conclusion.

But I can say that I hate the effing Seanchan. Haha, what else is new. They are just a messed up slave society.

Rand, aww, I remember why I had a character crush on him in the first place. Some characters disappointed me, some made me happy, some made me sad.

And the end then. I feel very conflicted about the end. It was the end I had seen. I am happy about the end, but at the same time the end made me want more. It felt like there could be more. Maybe I am just sad that it’s the end. I have spent too many years in this world. Oh I want to re-read book 1 again 😀

It was a great finish to this series, I will miss it and of course I recommend this series to all. Even if some of those middle books move slowly 😉 But the thing is that when I read them the first time around I devoured them all.

Really? I know that he got an older look in his eyes after he accepted his faith but this guy looks like 40

Series: The Wheel of Time #14
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 909
Published: January 2013 by TOR
Source: Own


40 thoughts on “Review: A Memory of Light – Robert Jordan

  1. Jenny says:

    Wow, 17 years before the last book came out? That's a lot of time to spend with a series:) I'm so glad you finally got it in your hands and the author who finished it based on the original author's notes did a fabulous job:)

  2. Heidi@Rainy Day Ramblings says:

    Holy crap! 17 years?? That is a long time. I have heard some great things about this series and one day I hope to check it out. but right now I I am so bogged down. My question is did the fill in author do a good job, could you tell it wasn't written by Jordan.

  3. Staci says:

    The final book sounds like it rocked it out!! I remember finding this series for the first time too and I couldn't get enough and then I stopped at book 8, maybe? Anyway…one day I may start all over again because obviously getting to the final book sounds like it is worth all the frustration and tears!

  4. Blodeuedd says:

    Only 6 to go then or so 😉 But you can do it and >I hope you will finish it one day. It's a great series and do you not wanna know what happens to everyone?

  5. Aurian says:

    I just finished book 12 and loved it, so I have two more to go. And indeed, after so many years of reading and rereading this series, it is time for an end to it all.

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