Review: The King’s Man – Rowena Cory Daniells

This is an exclusive ebook novella set in the King Rolen’s Kin world. Turns out one of the characters from the first trilogy survived and this is his story.
My thoughts:
This is a novella from Daniell’s King Rolen’s Kin world. The main character is Garzik, the son of Lord Dovecote. And it was believed Garzik was dead, but that is the thing, he survived.
It’s a not so short novella, it does have over 120 pages, and it also leaves the ending open. It is both hopeful and not so hopeful at the end. She truly has to give us more cos she does leave us hanging, a lot of things can still happen to Garzik.
I can not really go into details about what happens cos that just feels like one big spoiler. But he will be on an “adventure.” Good things happens, but mostly bad things. He is not happy, but he has a goal and he is finding his way.
A good novella that also can be read as a stand alone. And it did make me want to read more.

Series: King Rolen’s Kin
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 130
Published: Dec 6th 2012 by
Source: For review


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