Wheel of Time re-reading challenge: Book 8 and 9

Series: The Wheel of Time #8
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 685
Published: 1998 by TOR
Source. Shelf
Ok so I love this series to death, but this book was pretty boring. What happened?
Eh…Elayne and Nynaeve moved reallllly slowly and suddenly something big happened and I was all excuse me? That’s a theme, everything moves slowly but the big things are over in a blink of an eye. I do not like Elayne by the way.
Perrin was in the woods…
Logain showed up again.
A few people gathered in the beginning and then was never seen again..what?
Rand was going crazy and hunting Seanchan and I hate those f*ckers.
I yawned here and there. Egwene was doing something boring as usual.
Hehehe, yeah I know, anyone reading this review would not want to read this book. It’s just that it was 700 pages and nothing at all happened.
Series: The wheel of time # 9
Pages: 780
Published: 2000 by TOR
I do love thee awesome series but what on earth do >I have left to say? these middle books are just fillers.
Elayne is Queen and doing stuff there.
We meet the Daughter of the Nine Moons. Never did like that brat and I can’t say I want Mat to marry her. Mat who is a queen’s pet in this book. Silly really.
Rand is out doing stuff and hunting rogues.
Perris looses Faile, who by the way should deal with her jealousy issues.
I came to think of the perfect guy for Tenobia, yup, he is so gonna marry her if they meet.
What else, well people ran around in castles, woods and talked. Pretty much it.
On another note! A month left until the LAST BOOK!


34 thoughts on “Wheel of Time re-reading challenge: Book 8 and 9

  1. Jenny says:

    Book 8 sounds like not all that much happened and one would think that in 700 pages a few events would take place and move the action forward:) Glad you only have a month left until the final book though!

  2. Aurian says:

    Lol, the book I dislike the most is 10, nothing happens in that one at all. Still, one of my favourite fantasy series, and it will be reread again and again.

  3. Ryan says:

    I actually tend to like the filler books in this series, but it's been so long since I've read them. I still haven't wrote reviews for the first three I reread this year, I need to get on it.

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