Lady Scoundrel Saturday: Lord of Scoundrels – Loretta Chase

Scorn, Sense and Sensitivity

Today is Part 3 of our Joint Review of this book, and I am up today as Sensitivity, though I feel more like Silly πŸ˜‰ Who is with me? ;=D

Part 1: Scorn aka Anachronist
Part 2: Sense aka Rameau

I have seen this one hailed as the best historical romance of all time. But this time I did not go in with any expectations this way or another. And yes it was a good book, those two were crazy and I am sure they will have a great deal of fun in their life together. But, did it make me want to read more by her? No, not really. Sure I would if the book showed up at my door, or at the library. Did it make me turn the page faster and faster? No, but I still wanted to read more.
The romance, oh this I liked. She was a spinster who knew about sex from her naughty grandmother. So when she felt lust, it felt ok. She was not one of those girls who went to pieces over a mere touch and then willingly spread their legs. Not she knew he was bad, but damn, if he is a virile beast then he is one. And she stood up for herself, she talked back and she….oh yes that scene, epic. Romance does not come like that anymore.
Dain, our hero with too many names was all messed up. His father had been an ass, his mother had left him and every told him he was the ugliest thing alive growing up. Issues for sure. Did he want the spinster who talked back? No, but she sure was an annoying thing and yup sure he wanted to tumble her later. So these two, hating each other, lusting for each other, being idiots together, well I believed it. I believed that she wanted to have him, I understood why she fell and why he did. That part she did well. No easy sex act and instalove. No one falling to pieces, instead two adults who are idiots.
So it was a fun and different historical romance. The sex even had to wait (YAY cos hello, prude here when it comes to HR).I just hate when they give it up too quickly when they do not even get what they are doing. ) But best HR ever? No, not really.
Cover Snark:
It’s just so very boring, not so fitting if I think about it either.


31 thoughts on “Lady Scoundrel Saturday: Lord of Scoundrels – Loretta Chase

  1. Anachronist says:

    Yay, a lovely review my lady! It is certainly a different type of romance. I've seen very positive and very negative reviews of this book but for me one thing matters the most – the characters. If they are believable I am in. If they act in a logic way, I am in.

  2. Blodeuedd says:

    I mean it was good, most book I read are good. And yes I would read more, but to actually buy, it needs to be great, even if I buy some books that were just good

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