Review: Moondance of Stonewylde – Kit Berry

The cracks are beginning to show in the idyllic Stonewylde community. As Yul and Sylvie’s forbidden friendship grows into something deeper, Magus’ true nature starts to emerge through his charming facade. Ever since Yul defied him at the Summer Solstice, his power has been waning, and his mood darkening. Yul is the problem – and Magus is going to deal with him. Nobody challenges his authority and survives.
Sylvie is in danger too. Magus has discovered her secret and now, for all its beauty, her magical gift and Magus’ desire to possess it is putting her life at risk. As each full moon rises Sylvie is made to suffer more, and the agony she endures as her magic is stolen leaves her increasingly exhausted, sapping her will to fight back. Unless Magus can be stopped, every full moon could be Sylvie’s last. Are Yul and Sylvie the only ones who see the truth behind Magus’ mask of kindness? Why is everyone so deceived by his charm – and why is Mother Heggy, the mysterious wise-woman the only one who will help them? 
My thoughts:
That glimmer of hope I spoke of in my previous review, well that did not turn out well. There will be spoilers here as I have to talk about book 1.
Arghhhhhhhh I hate the Magus, hate hate hate hate him! Honestly it has been a while since I hated with such a passion. They is all smiles and sleeps with everyone, yes blesses the women *roll eyes*. He hates poor Yul and torments him. And Sylvie, well I shall not talk about it further since that would be spoilers for this book. But he is horrible. He is one of those evil characters that act all good and is loved by many. Hate! But he makes it worthwhile when reading, I keep hoping he will fall!
As you can get the book gets pretty emotional at times (me hating Magus mostly). There is some real darkness in this one, all cos of Magus. There is heartache, planning and hopelessness in this. Hopelessness would be the theme. I feel so sorry for them all and I wish people would see the sinister depth he has.
A good book that kept me on my toes. The end here, well, there is no glimmer of hope this time. I need more.

Series. Stonewylde #2
Genre: YA /paranormal fantasy
Pages: 352
Published: 2011 by Gollancz (first 2006)Source: Review

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