Review: Call me Wild – Robin Kaye

Unemployed New York Times sports reporter, Jessica James gives up her big city life and moves into a borrowed house in Boise, Idaho. She’s determined to become a great romance writer, and she only has one obstacle: she doesn’t believe in love. Writing quickly becomes a challenge, so Jessica decides to go out and find some inspiration. She soon meets sexy, outdoorsy doctor Fisher Kincaid, who’s more than happy to teach her all about love…
My thoughts:
I do like Kaye’s heroes, sure this was only my second book but I have looked at the other books. They are just heroes that I would want to meet.
On to the review. We have a heroine who does not believe in romance (she has reasons) and who thinks she can sell a romance novel and make some quick cash. I was a bit on the fence first but then I got to know her more and understood her thinking.
The hero then, oh please let me have him. A doctor who loves to cook and clean *dies*. Yes please cook me dinner and clean my place. He is the perfect man, well except that he is sporty and likes healthy food πŸ˜‰
The romance is a chase, he wants her, she only believes in lust (figure out for yourself what they do next). They struggle with feelings, they fall in love and there is drama.
And yes, it’s book 2 in a series, but I have not read book 1 and it did not matter. It’s a perfect stand alone. 
It was a nice romance with a different heroine and a hero anyone would want to meet.

Series: Wild Thing #2
Genre: Contemporary romance
Pages: 346
Published: Aug 7th 2012 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
Source: for review


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