Review: A Pemberley Medley – Abigail Reynolds

A Pemberley medley
Five pathways to Pemberley! It’s the best of all worlds in this collection of five short Pride & Prejudice variations by bestselling writer Abigail Reynolds. Can Mr. Darcy win Elizabeth Bennet’s heart… or are they doomed to misunderstand one another forever? Can Mr. Darcy stand by and watch while Elizabeth loses everything she holds precious… including him?
My thoughts:
5 short stories.
Bingley and Jane are getting married and Darcy and Lizzy find it hard to be near each other. Can they fall in love? That is the question in this short sweet story.
“Such Differing Reports”
Darcy is about to propose but does not and turn of events takes another road. What should she believe to be true? Charlotte a voice of reason πŸ™‚
Reason’s Rule
*fans herself* Oh Mr Darcy :=) he went all alpha at one point.
Anyway, they are engaged, Lydia runs away, drama. Can they manage?
The Most Natural Thing
A glimpse of Dark Darcy, just a a glimpse though. Lizzy is in trouble and asks Darcy for help. Such a gentleman. I love him
A Succession of rain
Rain and rain! The horror, will they ever find time to be alone? Cute story

Genre: Pride and prejudice variation / sequel
Pages: (paperback 212)
Published: 2011
Source: Shelf


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