Review: I Own the Dawn – M.L.Buchman

I Own the Dawn

Kee Smith battled through a difficult childhood to work her way up the ranks of the U.S. Army. When she finally makes it into the elite Night Stalkers, she feels thrilled, honored, and vindicated…until she finds out she’s been assigned to the “girlie-chopper” piloted by the only other woman in the regiment. 
Kee is determined to show Lt. Archie Stevenson, one of the male co-pilots, that she is just as tough as the guys. Throughout their special mission, Archie doesn’t know whether to make love to her or plant her face-first into the dirt. But he’ll do whatever it takes to break through that shield Kee wears around her heart.
My thoughts:
It has been so long since I read romance with a bit of suspense in it, I do not know why really since I enjoy the subgenre. Even if this was more military romance.
The book is not so action packed that you might think at first glance, there is of course action. But it’s also of course about the tension between Kee and Archie, the budding romance and, well I can’t tell you that. Another part of the book is “a project”, so not to spoil it all. It shows Kee’s soft side and we get under her skin. I got to appreciate here and the whole “project” is more drama, so no suspense there. I know, I am being very vague.
Then there is the action part, and that part actually had me a bit sad too. I understood the bad guys and their mission so I was on the fence. It was a sad affair.
The characters then, Archie was sweet, Kee was tough, but they worked together, they just worked and I liked them both. This is actually book 2 in a series but that does not matter as Kee is the new girl and this is her book. But the pilot of the chopper she is on had her own book (book 1). Which does sound like an interesting story to read too.
There was a nice mix of action and romance, quiet life, and how fast you have to move when you are in in the danger zone.
It did make me want to read book 1 too. This was a  romance set in the Afghan desert, 2 soldiers falling in love in the midst of gunfire and smoke. Romance with an action packed side to it, smokin’ hot.
I like it even if their heads are chopped

Series: The Night Stalkers #2
Genre: Romantic suspense /military romance
Pages: 416
Published: August 1st 2012 from Sourcebooks Casablanca
Source: For review


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