Review: Enchanting the Lady – Kathryne Kennedy

Enchanting the Lady

Kathryne Kennedy’s first historical fantasy romance series features a light and wonderful Victorian England, where magic never dies and every level of the aristocracy has its own special powers. 
Sir Terence Blackwell is a lion shapeshifter who is determined to find the magical relic that killed his brother. When he sniffs out the taint of magic on Lady Felicity Seymour, a disinherited duchess, he’s sure that she’s far craftier than she first appears. Terrance believes that the easiest way to learn all of her secrets is to court the young miss. Unfortunately, Terrance’s plans for vengeance are soon thwarted when he finds himself falling under the lady’s enchanting spell… 
My thoughts:

I found this book to be adorable, it was just so cute and fun. Not to mention that I liked the society that in this alternate England.
Magic is still around and English society is infused by it. The Royals have the most powers and then the Dukes and so forth. If you are without then you are stripped of titles and lands. Magic rules and different titles have different magic. I really liked what she created and it was interesting.
Our heroine is truly naive, but that is the only way she could be. No one ever notices Felicity and she believes she is a grey little mouse. But there lives a fighter in her that wants to peak her head out. She was sweet and innocent.
While the hero Terrance is something else entirely. There is one class of nobility that has no magic and that magic can’t touch and that are the shapeshifters. But the Royals use them as spies since they can sense relic magic. And Terrance, well I wanted to be angry at him for using sweet Felicity, but at the same time he was falling for her so I forgave him. His beast knew better than he did.
A relic of evil magic must be found, a couple fall helplessly in love and all is not well in the country of England.
Such a sweet story that I devoured in a day. Easy to read, easy to fall in love with

Series: Relics of Merlin #1
Genre: Historical paranormal romance, alternate history, historical fantasy
Pages: 320
Published: August 1st 2012 by Sourcebooks Casablanca (2008), Source: For review


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