Review: The Night Beat – Gini Koch

The Night Beat by Gini Koch

The majority of Prosaic City’s residents don’t know that their town exists on top of another place — Necropolis, City of the Undead. For the most part, the two planes of existence manage to remain separate. And when they don’t, Necropolis Enforcement has beings in place to ensure the general human population remains blithely clueless.

Victoria Wolfe is more than just a policewoman. She’s an undercover werewolf assigned by Necropolis Enforcement to work Prosaic City Police’s Night Beat. Victoria’s comfortable working the shift where all the weird comes out to play, especially since her partner is also her perfect man. Or would be, if Victoria could ever work up the nerve to tell him she isn’t like other girls.

It’s hard enough being a werewolf in disguise, but when a creature from the Depths of Hell shows up in an alley preferred by junkies, bums, and hookers, it’s going to take more than just Victoria’s special gun and werewolf skills to subdue the ancient Sumerian demon. Especially when the demon is merely the start of what appears to be a major takeover attempt by the Prince of Darkness. Soon all of Necropolis Enforcement’s Undead Brigade is involved in the fight to stop the Prince’s Major Minions from taking over Prosaic City and the rest of the human plane. In other words, it’s just another day on the Night Beat.

My thoughts:

What to say about this book without giving it all away? Honestly some weird-ass stuff going on in this one. Trust me, I mean, wow, I’d like to dish it all out, but I can’t, some things have to be read and I can tell one thing, you are in for one freaky ride.

Vic, is our snarky witty main character, she always have something good to say. Her love life on the other hand, not so good, she has been pining for her hot partner for a year now. Jack, a human, while Victoria is a werewolf. Two cops that are very different indeed from each other. But he is a nice guy. You need friends when all hell is breaking loose. And I liked them both.

Then we have a bunch of side characters and I am not even gonna name them cos you will meet them in time. A fun bunch, good guys, evil creepy baddies, yes this book has them all. Honestly I liked everyone. The bad baddie, so bad and creepy. You have to like a baddie that repulse you just by reading about it.

Yes I am not saying much at all. Gini twists and turns this book around several times. The pace is always high as they hunt down whatever has come to town. We meet beings, all kinds of beings. There is fighting, there is romance, witty banter and the trademark that is Koch, crazy stuff going down.

That is what I liked about this book, the humor, the not having to take anything seriously. This book is insane, that is what it is, and it’s a great thing. It’s pumped up UF and humor blended in that creates one cool cocktail. And the best, surprises around every corner.

Series: Necropolis Enforcement Files #1
Genre: urban fantasy
Pages: 453 (paperback)
Published: July 2012
Source: Review


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