Flash Fiction Friday, done on Saturday + info

Every Monday Dottie over at Tink’s Place posts a picture and then on Friday (Flash Fiction Friday) we post a story to go along with the picture. The story has to be about 350 words, give or take. 

(pic has been removed: broken glass

Long lost hope by Blodeuedd

She could see the pods through her broken window. They were scattered all over the land, and everyone who went near one was never seen again. At first the army had try to destroy the pods, but nothing had worked. And the pods had exploded in light and millions upon millions of people had simply vanished. It was said that where there were few people no pods could be found. A lot had tried to escape but it seemed that the pods just reacted with the same light when too many people gathered. So now those who were left travelled in small groups and managed to survive. There was even a safe distance you could keep without the pods killing you. The tricky part was knowing when one showed up.
Lissa had been on the run for years. At first she had travelled with her family but her father was killed by looters, her brother by a pod hidden from view and her mother had died from a fever last year. She was the only one left now, in a dark broken world. She tried her best to avoid other humans and the pods but it was hard, she was tired and hungry all the time. She hated running from looters and creepy gangs. Most days she just wanted to lie down and cry, but she kept on running. She still remembered her mother’s voice.
“Promise to never stop.”
And she had kept that promise. With a  sigh she took the window in her hand and dragged it back in. She would try to put it up to keep the warmth inside. One got handy when you were the only person around to do anything. A little digging around the house produced a hammer and nails and she set to work. Always keeping an eye on the pods. They never moved so that was not a problem, but she always expected them to open, for the evil inside to come out and finish the slaughter they had started.
She dropped the hammer and cursed. She should have been quiet and run instead she spun around and came eye to eye with a boy her own age. She looked at the hammer but then a young girl peaked out from behind him and softly he said.”It’s just us, Sara saw you earlier.” With a trembling hand he gave her a jar of pickles and she decided that for once, for once she would give another human being a chance.
Sci-fi time 🙂
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The Stolen Crown by Susan Higginbotham, go get it! I really enjoyed it 🙂


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