Review: The Blood King – Gail Z.Martin

In The Blood King, sequel to The Summoner, Tris Drayke races against time to gain the skills he needs to challenge his half-brother Jared for the throne of Margolan and defeat the dark mage Arontala before the Obsidian King can be loosed from the abyss. Pursued by assassins and caught in a dangerous web of intrigue, Tris’ greatest danger is his own magic. The fate of his kingdom, his lady and his soul hang in the balance. 

As Margolan plunges into darkness under the yoke of a tyrant, Tris leads an unlikely insurrection, knowing that if he fails, death will be the least of his worries. Betrayed by the living, Tris finds staunch allies among the dead and undead. As the truce unravels between mortals and vampires, angry ghosts demand their revenge, and the Sisterhood of mages lacks the power to intervene. The battle for the throne of Margolan and the freedom of the Winter Kingdoms rests on Tris Drayke’s magic—and his ability to control the powerful forces aligning against Jared and Arontala. Like a storm on the horizon, war is coming—but can Tris control what has been put into motion, or will his battle for the crown bring a greater darkness?

Series: Chronicles of the Necromancer #2, Genre: Fantasy, Pages: 615, Published: 2008 by Solaris, Source: My own

My thoughts:
I must say that I got confused at the end, not a bad confusion, just surprised because the story ended. Yes the quest was over, the good guys won. But this is a 4 book series? So I quickly did some research and it seems that book 3 is about one of the side characters. Go figure. Though I do not complain, a fantasy “series” that deals with the main issue in 2 books is something I like.
Tris needs to learn about his powers in this book, so that he can fight his evil brother Jared and his mage. And Jared, oh he is bad! He is a psychopath and that poor country under his rule! And of course the evil mage is insane too. So the baddies are really good at being bad, and that is the way is should be. To hate them with a passion. While the good guys are really good. Young Tris trying to cope with being a summoner, Kiera a warrior princess, the healer Carina, the bard Carroway, and Vahanian the mercenery. There are even vampires in this world. But they are good, sure they are undead but the stay close to their families afterwards. Just like the ghosts in this world. Some just linger on.
As the quest ends in this book there are lots of action to be had. A kingdom needs to be saved after all and a throne conquered. All while a few side characters fall in love.
I enjoyed the story (even if I felt that confusion cos I thought it continued, lol 😉 But I was happy to see it wrapped up and I will read the next book as it is about Vahanian who is a merc, smuggler, you name it. I am sure lots will happen there too.
Bit creepy

49 thoughts on “Review: The Blood King – Gail Z.Martin

  1. Mirjam says:

    Actually all the good characters continue to get their fair share of attention in Martin's books, which I love! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Carol says:

    I kind of like that it wraps up in only tow books and the third is about one of the other characters. Long series tend to wear out on me.

  3. Blodeuedd says:

    They were so good! The brother took whatever women he wanted and then killed them. Ok that is of course bad, but you see my point. He was the kind of baddie you just want to see die die die

  4. Lexi H says:

    I love the creepy cover! You review the best books! Or is it that you make them sound like the best books? Either way, great review and glad you shared it with us.

  5. Staci says:

    I feel stupid just admitting this but one of the main reasons I quit reading fantasy is because I kept feeling lost in the story and became confusing to me to follow!!!

  6. Jenny says:

    I love to hate villains, so I like that the baddies are particularly well done in this series! It's always a little off putting initially when a series shifts focus onto a different character, but usually I really enjoy it when it happens:)

  7. Blodeuedd says:

    Hm, what should I recommend?…I really liked the riyria series that I read not so long ago cos it was very old school and of course Brandon Sanderson's new epic series

  8. Teddyree says:

    It sounds a little Game of Thrones-ish?? but I've only seen the tv series so not sure I'm on the right track. Anyway I think I'd enjoy this series 🙂

  9. Teddyree says:

    It sounds a little Game of Thrones-ish?? but I've only seen the tv series so not sure I'm on the right track. Anyway I think I'd enjoy this series 🙂

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