Review: The Accidental Vampire – Lynsay Sands

Series: Argeneau #7
Genre: Paranormal romance
Pages: 384
Published: February 2012
Publisher: Gollancz
Source: For review
Ever since an accident turned her into a knockout vamp, Elvi Black’s been catching her z’s in a coffin, staying out of the sun, and giving up garlic. She knows there’s more to being undead than what she saw in Dracula, but she can’t very well ask her mortal friends about proper biting etiquette. But when her neighbors placed a personal ad for her in the local paper, she never imagined she’d meet Victor Argeneau, a vampire who could have his pick of any woman; dead or alive.

Rich, powerful, and dropdead gorgeous, Victor’s the perfect man for a novice neck-biter like Elvi. He’s willing to teach her everything he knows, but he’ll have to do it fast. Someone’s out to put a stake through her new vamp life, and only Victor can keep her safe – and satisfied; for all eternity.
My thoughts:
I do like how fast I read these Argeneau books, I start them, and then I just continue until I am finished. A fast, good book.
It’s book 7, but this is a series that you can jump around a bit in. Still book 1 explains the nano thing fully, sure it is explained here too so if you want to, then jump right in and read this one. The book also has a map of all the members in this big family, and this is good.
How on earth Elvi was not noticed before I do not know. Small towns I guess. Yes she is the resident vampire, now that is a nice little town I would like to visit where they are so nice against the undead who craves blood. And this is one of the fun things about this book. Elvi does not know anything about vampires. She thinks they are soulless, likes coffins and all those myths we all know so well. But these vampires are not really vampires and she will learn her lesson. She was nice, because she was so lost when it came to all of this. 
Then we got the hero, Victor, who is old as dirt and comes to town as he is an enforces and Elvi, well she is breaking a lot of laws. But there will be passion, other suitors and someone else in this book will find love too. A story I really liked.

Fun and light is the word. A nice lovestory about how an accidental vampire finds love.

32 thoughts on “Review: The Accidental Vampire – Lynsay Sands

  1. Blodeuedd says:

    VivienneSuddenly I had read so many pages, in no time at all. There is such ease over the pages.Carolehe is a hottie ;)DottieI have read…I think this makes it 3 :)AurianYou got a lot to catch up on 😉

  2. Blodeuedd says:

    JennyLol, it is quite the comboMaryIf you want fun and light pnr then yes 🙂 Oh and books that you can read fast cos they are just built like thatElysiumI am hoping to read book..9. I want her storyNaidaGood to hear 😀

  3. Jenny says:

    I've been wanting to start this series! Good to know that after book one where everything is explained you can hop around a bit. For some reason I like to read out of order sometimes. Like with Kenyon's Dark Hunters. I'm all over the place with that series:)

  4. Mel says:

    Funnily enough a copy of The Accidental Vampire arrived at mine today! I haven't read any of this series but as you say I might start with this and see what I think! Cheers! 🙂

  5. Blodeuedd says:

    AnaOh you know my castle has a few vampires in residents. It's a must. Together with werewolf guards.KimbaIt's sure is :)ChrisLol, glad you knew who it was ;)MelissaAhem…oh who am I kidding. I have totally read it out of order too! Yes you have my permission.MelissaFor summer it would be excellent 🙂

  6. Blodeuedd says:

    YvonneI hope you get the chance to try one of her booksDanaFast and fun can be sooo goodAlexisYes 😉 If you truly want to that isBooKCatYou have never heard of it!? Ok neither have I 2 years ago so i get itMissieIt's the 4th book I have read, and so many more still to read

  7. Teddyree says:

    I do have a few of these but haven't made a start and I'm anal about reading in order and I swear I'm not starting another urban fantasy, PR series until I finish the one's I'm halfway through lol

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