Review: Miss Bannerman and the Duke – Fenella J.Miller

Genre: Historical romance
Pages: Ebook…
Published: Sep 2011
Publisher: Musa Publishing
Review by Anachronist

Two young sisters are climbing a tree when their older brother brings some male friends home. Each of those guests catches one girl helping them to descent. Later on they marry. Oh, in-between there are some balls to be attended and  different outfits to be described and ruined. And jewellery. You can dance a waltz only with your betrothed in order not to scandalize the ladies of the ton. Isn’t this rule rather silly?

Good girl review:

It was a sweet read, more a longer novella than a short novel, about twin girls who get exactly those husbands they dream of. Amelia is a golden-haired angel and she is paired with a more flashy but poorer guy; still she fancies him a lot. Rosamond is a bit of a tomboy and an original so she scores higher – the Duke of Essex, no less, a fine gent in his prime who understands her like no other and is filthy rich. Have I mentioned their mutual understanding yet? Awwww…and horses, do not let me forget their horses…you know it is a match made in heaven when your horse falls for the horse of your partner, right? Pour some pink champagne and say it with me in unison: awww…

Bad girl review:

Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” would be a perfect soundtrack here, perhaps with a dash of Behemoth. No story. There was simple no story –  just balls and dresses and every Jill gets her Jack as soon as possible or even sooner without major complications or problems. Insta-love is rampant and I haven ‘t found any significant character development whatsoever. Apart from the horses, mentioned above, the book also features a homeless puppy found in the park – vermin- infested but what are those servants for, right? My inner Punk yawned and swore, my inner Goth went out looking for a vampire to share a pint of blood. Without the Magic Flute of Mr. Mozart (more precisely the Queen of Night aria “Der Hölle Rache”) I wouldn’t be able to finish it. Fortunately it was short. Just ten repetitions and I was almost at the end.  Still…”Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen; Tod und Verzweiflung flammet um mich her!…”

The quote that sums it all:

“The Duke of Essex was no longer proud and disdainful and Rose Bannerman was no longer prejudiced and wild. True love, as it always does, had changed them both.”

My foot! Even Miss Jane Austen would give a very polite snort.

Final verdict:

Bad girl wins – I didn’t enjoy this one but I love Mozart.

18 thoughts on “Review: Miss Bannerman and the Duke – Fenella J.Miller

  1. Anachronist says:

    Thanks for all these sweet comments I do appreciate!I kind of remember answering everybody but apparently a virus ate my comment – I've been ill. Strange things happen when I am ill.StephanieD don't tempt me because you might regret it!

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