Best Books of 2011 + my life according to the books I have read

Honestly, I can’t make a top 10 list. It is too hard and I love different books differently. And I can’t pick a best book in a genre either so as usual I am making up a bunch of categories so that I can talk about the best books this year.
Best book that brought me back to my roots: Theft of Swords by Michael J Sullivan
Best 1 book fantasy: Elantris by Brandon Sanderson
Best comic: Lenore by Roman Dirge

Best short story: Unlocked by Courtney Milan
Best EVIL cliffie: Double Cross by Carolyn Crane
Best OMG moment: The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson
Best steampunk: Cold Magic by Kate Elliott
Best new to me historical romance author: Kate Noble

Best language: The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K.Jemisin

Best book I thought I would not like: Seven nights to forever by Evangeline Collins
Best Urban Fantasy: Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs
Best paranormal romance: Succubi like it Hot by Jill Myles
Best goddamn vampire book: The Bride of Casa Dracula by Marta Acosta
Best start to a series: Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire
Best Dystopia: Delirium by Lauren Oliver
Best historical fiction: Madame Tussaud by Michelle Moran
Best new to me series: Spellcrackers by Suzanne McLeod
Best YA fantasy. Fire by Kristen Cashore
Best fiction: Room by Emma Donaghue

Best book boyfriend crush: Martini!! Yes read the Gini Koch books

Best cover: Wither by Lauren DeStefano

YAY for 2011! I read so many awesome books that I did not even mention here. Fantasy and Urban Fantasy were the winners this year.

And now for something else. This meme is hosted by The Happily ever after

My Life According to the books I have read in 2011

Describe yourself: Wild and steamy by Meljean Brook, Jill Myles, Carolyn Crane

How do you feel: Slave to her desires by Jill Myles

Describe where you currently live: Nights of Villjamur by Mark Charan Newton

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: The hundred thousand kingdoms by NK Jemisin

Your favorite form of transportation: Love drunk cowboy by Carolyn Brown

Your best friend is: Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy by Abigail Reynolds

You and your friends are: Moonstruck madness by Laurie McBain

What’s the weather like: Winter’s Passage by Julie Kagawa

What is life to you: Breaking the governess’s rules by Michelle Styles

Favorite time of day: Nightfall by Ellen Connor

Your fear: The cold kiss of death by Suzanne McLeod

What is the best advice you have to give: To seduce an earl by Lori Brighton

Thought for the day: Can’t hurry love by Christie Ridgway

How I would like to die: Mr. Darcy’s Bite by Mary Lydon Simonsen

My soul’s present condition: Revealed by Kate Noble

41 thoughts on “Best Books of 2011 + my life according to the books I have read

  1. Ryan says:

    I tried to narrow my list down this year, but couldn't get it under 17.I really want to read Brandon Sanderson sometime soon since everyone seems to love him.Here's hoping the new year brings just as many great books.

  2. The_Book_Queen says:

    Sounds like a fun litle meme that you particpated in at the end–thanks for sharing! πŸ˜€ I don't think I've read any of those books, but I have heard of a few. Hope you have a wonderful New Year's–see you next year!Enjoy,TBQ (Holiday Giveaway ends 12/31/11…)

  3. Carole Rae says:

    Thanks for sharing! I must agree with Felicia…*swoons* *recovers* Anyways, I'm not doing a top ten…but I am announcing my favorites of the year. Favorite movie, book, music, music artist. Ya know…the works. =D

  4. Blodeuedd says:

    FeliciaIt is the only way to go ;)I know, too hard so I kind of cheated and put a bunch of books here, and wanted to put more here too.RyanYes you do have to read Sanderson, he is so good. Though I am still mad at him cos of the Mistborn series ending.Cheers!TBQHappy New year to you too πŸ˜€

  5. Jenny says:

    I adore the Patricia Briggs series! I love her Alpha and Omega books too, I'm so glad we're getting another one of those next year:) I have yet to read anything by Kate Noble, she's one I've really been wanting to try!

  6. Aarti says:

    Looks like you had an excellent reading year! Hope the same continues in 2012. I love the idea of a book that takes you back to your roots πŸ™‚

  7. Blodeuedd says:

    JennyDo try her books :)And I have 1 more Alpha book to read, yay, and then I have the third one to look forward to so that will be good for me since dunno when the Mercy will come.ChrisI know :DWdeboAye, my little old soul ;)AartiIt was the best ever, at least it feels like that πŸ˜€ *fingers crossed*ElysiumThough I am pretty mad at him for publishing all his own books when I WANT WOT 13!Maryhappy New year πŸ˜€

  8. Mel says:

    It is so difficult to narrow down favourites – inevtiably some brilliant books gets left behind somehow…but does look like you've had a fabulous year reading! Plenty there that I need to catch up on as well…2012 will be full of loads of catch up reading for me! πŸ™‚

  9. Dana - Let's Book It says:

    Love your life according to books! Too fun. Kate Noble was a first for me this year and I enjoyed her also – thanks for introducing her books to me. I have to disagree on ROOM, though. I really didn't like it. I found it very depressing. Can't wait for a fabulous 2012!

  10. Staci says:

    I truly loved your list of best books….my was a bit out-of-control too!! I'm going to have to read a few of your picks starting with the steampunk book!!Happy New Year!

  11. samantha.1020 says:

    I've heard lots of good things about Kate Noble and want to give her books a try in 2012. It sounds like you had a really great year of reading. I hope that 2012 is an amazing year as well!

  12. Blodeuedd says:

    CarolI had to πŸ˜‰ Cos I had so many fantasy books and I could not pick a best of, it is always like that with meAnaHihi, you are welcomebermudaYes you should, .lolCatI know, so hard! Therefore I usually go crazy and try to put in as much as possibleMelI do fear some were left behind and with some I had read many in that series and I did not want to put them all there since for the most part they were equally good. And if I had chosen all then this list would have been LONGAurianNot one?!?! Omg, nooooo! You must!

  13. Blodeuedd says:

    DanaI do think that is the case for many with Room, it was depressing, but it was just so good. And if it had been written any other way I would not have read it.StaciSteampunk do rock πŸ˜‰ And one have to be out of control at the end of the yearBuckyHihi, I did not know where else to put him so he had to get this place and I had no idea either which book to highlight since I loved them all. This way they are all there.And Acosta rocksSamanthaKate Noble's books are so very sweet and I do love them cos of that.And yes I had a fab year, cheers! Here is to another great yearHarveeI am glad you liked it

  14. jerasjamboree says:

    Definitely hard to pick a top 10 – I just went by my first gut instinct! Thanks for introducing me to Michelle Moran … am intrigued enough to find out more.Happy New Year!

  15. naida says:

    Fantastic post Blod. I've added some new authors to my TBR because of your great reviews.Happy New Year :)*sigh* Mr. Darcy's Bite would prob be a nice way to go πŸ˜›

  16. Amused says:

    I love this style of end of year wrap up! Many of these I need to read but Room was my number 1 read from last year so I'm glad you liked that too!

  17. Christine says:

    Hi Blodeudd, I thought I left a comment here the other day and was wondering why I wasn't getting any email notifications. Oops! πŸ˜‰ This is my favorite kind of "Best of" list. It really gives your followers a fairly comprehensive view of what you read and liked over the year. I do a similar one, but with fewer categories. I think I may have to steal some of these for my year in review post! You have a lot of books on your list I've either read or want to read… makes my TBR look so promising! Thanks so much for playing along with the book meme. I've had so much fun reading everyone's answers and meeting so many new bloggers. I think a lot of them are coming from your blog so thanks for "introducing" us. πŸ˜‰ I almost used A Hundred Thousand Kingdoms for where I wanted to go, too! Opted for Elfland instead. A Love Drunk Cowboy? hee haw! You go! πŸ˜‰

  18. Blodeuedd says:

    ChristineLol, it happens. I have been so out of it during xmas holidays, I can't even begin to tell you all things I have forgotten :)I had to put in a lot of categories cos I have truly read too many great books. And I did take a few books away, still, such a long good list. And steal away, I always think of new ones anyway since I tend to go best of crazy. And invent all sorts of weird categories.It was so fun, I am happy I saw it on another blog. And I am glad my followers picked it up and did it too.Elfland would be a good place to go, sadly I had not read it πŸ˜‰ So many kingdoms for me instead.And yes, the best way to ride. haha

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