Review: Deacon’s Ark – A.E.Stanton

Series: The New West #2
Genre: Western, Apocalyptic wasteland
Pages: 64, ebook
Published: December 8th, 2011
Publisher; Musa Publishing
Source. For review

Josie and Deacon have left Horsetown and are back in search of The City. Joined by Josie’s youngest sister, Sadie, they decide to travel on the riverboat The Green Goddess to save travel time.
My thoughts:
Josie, Deacon and Sadie are looking for a mystical city. Most of the book takes ship in a ship and they will face some pretty bad things. And since this is a short one I will not say what those bad things are. I want to leave something as a surprise even if you get an idea from the longer blurb that can be found. 
This land is sure going to hell, I have a hard time seeing a future for them. Well it does not take many to start anew but still, as long as they survive what is coming. It’s a nice apocalyptic western series. Hope is not something you find here (well except when talking to Josie and Deacon), and I do like that it is dark.
The book ends with somewhat of a cliffie. I fear what they will see next, and I am hoping for some good news.


17 thoughts on “Review: Deacon’s Ark – A.E.Stanton

  1. Blodeuedd says:

    AurianIt's not for everyone ;)AnaOh yes, so short, I really could not say much without giving it all awayCherryit is not a bad cliffie. All ends well…though there is something on the horizonNaidaI do like that too :)CaroleOh you! ;)I just could not say too much.ChrisLol

  2. Blodeuedd says:

    MelWell, you could, but then you would totally miss the big showdownStaciThey tend to be that :)Carrieit is not that big a cliffie, everything is good..for now

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