Review: Mr. Darcy’s Secret – Jane Odiwe

Genre: PP variation
Pages: 368
Published: Feb 2011
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Source: Yes I made the library get this one too

One dark secret can completely ruin a bright future. From the author who brought you Lydia Bennet’s Story and Willoughby’s Return, comes a unique look into one of the most famous relationships of all time, in Mr. Darcy’s Secret. After capturing the heart of the most eligible bachelor in England, Elizabeth Bennet believes her happiness is complete-until the day she makes an unsettling discovery. When she finds a stash of anonymous, passionate love letters that may be Darcy’s, Elizabeth begins to question the quiet, stoic man she married.
My thoughts:
I think one thing I liked about this one was that it showed that it takes time to change. Darcy may have changed for her but he still had his ideas and wanted to set a great match for Georgiana. A good match is better than love. Oh you silly man. But yes it shows that you do not change like that, little by little, until we got a nice MR Darcy, who still standoffish at times.
The big thing here was the secret, does he have a bastard? A hidden mistress? What is going on? I wanted to know. Sure I wish she had just asked him but they are newlyweds and I get her concern. I would have asked though, cos I am nosy.
But this book is not about these two alone, no, Georgiana has got half the book in a way as she finds her own way and finds love, and is unsure of what to do. I can’t tell you more about that, read and see what happens.
It was a good variation, and even if Mr.Darcy was an ass at times, I still liked it cos we all know he is an ass but we still love him


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23 thoughts on “Review: Mr. Darcy’s Secret – Jane Odiwe

  1. Anachronist says:

    I certainly do not love Mr.Darcy, thank you very much. I might like your review though? @Chris – I bet Blodeuedd is every librarian's nightmare: well-read, well-educated, a polyglot…and she knows plenty of history!

  2. Blodeuedd says:

    AurianHihi, my wicked plan is working then ;)AnneIt was, do give it a try cos they are so fun to read.ChrisThey run and hide while I roar I want books!AnaYou do not!?! Hmpf, you wicked little girl.CaroleI am glad I am not alone then ;)Lol, aye an ass with a great ass

  3. Blodeuedd says:

    GabyMostly he is just like he is towards the end, very lovable πŸ™‚ Here he was the same too, just not as lovable at once, well towards her but he has pride issues

  4. Blodeuedd says:

    StaciHihi, they need MR Darcy on those shelves ;)AlexisI know, I am falling in love with books all over the placeCherryI sure liked that, in most he is totally changed, but here he has to work

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