Review: When Josie Comes Home – A.E.Stanton

The New West
Genre: Dystopic Western
Pages: 59
Published: October 2011
Publisher; Musa Publishing
Source: For review

The future’s a wonderful place to be if you were considered worthy — until a huge solar flare slagged the world computers. Now, over two hundred years later, the unworthies are all that’s left of humanity, and they’ve reverted back to the old, old ways.

Josie escapes from the forced sexual slavery of Horsetown, vowing to return with help to save her sisters. Ten years later, she’s not home — but her youngest sister, Sadie, insists Josie will return, with her Hero along to help save the day.

The Gambler’s in Horsetown for reasons all his own. Who is he? What’s he really here for? And what will happen if he’s in town When Josie Comes Home?
My thoughts:
First I must comment on my recent ebook reviews, there is a simple reason (well ok got to borrow the library e-reader), but mostly cos the short stories I have read lately have been written by Gini Koch, but under different names.
This short story is set in the future and in a town called Horse Town, where any woman can be had, if you pay. Whether the woman want or not. It’s a horrible town where the women are slaves, and they all wait for the fable Josie to come back home and free them. She was the only one who got away. But before we meet Josie a Gambler comes to town, what is his plan? Will Josie ever come back? The title does say it all, yes she will come back.
It did work well as a short story, really well actually. I got into the story and I was happy that it had a conclusion. Sure it would also have worked well as a longer story. I liked the future it showed and this town was truly horrible. Josie’s sisters were also interesting as they and the Gambler have center stage in this story.

17 thoughts on “Review: When Josie Comes Home – A.E.Stanton

  1. Jenny says:

    Well that's kind of a depressing premise and not really a town I would ever want to find myself in! Definitely piques my curiosity though, I want to know more about this Gambler:)

  2. Blodeuedd says:

    HawkI know, she is so good :D*hugs* Glad to see you here!ChrisLol, I already am, sure shorties are good, but I am a full length girl, and oh damn that sounds dirtyCarolTrue, you can't really waste words when you have little space to play withjennyTell me about it, I would stay clear of that town and hope I never ended up thereCaroleShe is a good writer, that is for sure

  3. Blodeuedd says:

    KayeOh but it does 🙂 And the dystopia just comes to play when I think about the structure in this town, we never learn much about the rest of the worldMissieIt was, scary, horrible, men can sure be bastards.AnaDepresing, well…sure in a way. But it never gets too dark or sad, since it is so short after allmelissaI know, I know. Bf did tell me he would buy one but I do not know. The danger of skimming is ever present, I just can't connect with reading on them.

  4. Blodeuedd says:

    StaciIt was fun and different,, that I sure enjoy :)naidaNah, it is pretty ugly for sureStephYou and me both! *scared*JennyIt, well it ends as it ends, but at least all women are happy 🙂

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