Reviews: Smokin’ Seventeen and Lenore

Series: Stephanie Plum #17
Genre: Mystery/chick-lit/romance
Pages: 308
Published: June 2011
Publisher: Bantam
Source: library

Dead bodies are showing up in shallow graves on the empty construction lot of Vincent Plum Bail Bonds. No one is sure who the killer is, or why the victims have been offed, but what is clear is that Stephanie’s name is on the killer’s list.

Short on time to find evidence proving the killer’s identity, Stephanie faces further complications when her family and friends decide that it’s time for her to choose between her longtime off-again-on-again boyfriend, Trenton cop Joe Morelli, and the bad boy in her life, security expert Ranger. Stephanie’s mom is encouraging Stephanie to dump them both and choose a former high school football star who’s just returned to town. Stephanie’s sidekick, Lula, is encouraging Stephanie to have a red-hot boudoir “bake-off.” And Grandma Bella, Morelli’s old-world grandmother, is encouraging Stephanie to move to a new state when she puts “the eye” on Stephanie.

With a cold-blooded killer after her, a handful of hot men, and a capture list that includes a dancing bear and a senior citizen vampire, Stephanie’s life looks like it’s about to go up in smoke.
My Thoughts:
I am not going to say much because by now I am mostly annoyed at myself that I keep on reading these books. The theme is always the same. 
Grandma Mazur shows her gun, Lola eats and flirts, a car explodes, Steph can’t catch her bad guys, and she thinks about Morelli and Ranger and how she can’t make her mind up. Yes, I get it! And that is what happened here. She got it on with both of them and nothing was resolved at all. Sighs. 
Still the moment I saw it at the library I got it and read it the next day. I am a sucker for punishment it seems. Because they are funny, sadly not laugh out loud funny any more. But still smiling funny. 
But what I have to say it, make your mind up! Just choose a damn guy. And as for the plot, so easy to figure out.  Arghhhh, she is never going to choose is she? Why can’t some authors end a series on top instead of dragging it out until it bleeds and screams? 
But in the end, better than book 16.
Lenore: Noogies #1 by Roman Dirge
Graphic Novel
112 pages, published 1999
A collection of the first four issues of the popular Lenore comic book series. Lenore: Noogies is a romp into the dark, surreal world of a little dead girl. Featuring stories about limbless cannibals, clock monsters, cursed vampire dolls, taxidermied friends and obssesed would be lover and more fuzzy animal mutilations than should be legal. Lenore is one of the funniest, darkest comic books on the marketplace today.
I loved it! It was cute and creepy and utterly amazing. The style was weird and what more can I say, just read it. So freaking cute! 
Best series about a little dead girl ever, a girl who tortures animals. Yes like I said creepy 😉  I am so glad that I found one more at the library.
Lenore: Wedgies #2
112 pages, published 2000
Wedgies is the second collection of the popular Lenore comic book series. Written and Illustrated by Roman Dirge, Wedgies follows the adventures od a cute little dead girl. Lenore tackles bunny impersonations, tea parties from the dark side, an encounter with the “toof hairy” and tons of bad stuff that might give you cooties.
This volume collects issues 5-8 of the Lenore series and also contains a brand new, never before seen, color Lenore story.
Best comic I have ever read 🙂 Who thought a creepy, cute little dead girl would be so fun to read about. A girl who accidentally kills her kitties. 
If I were to recommend a comic then yes it would be this one. Creepy and cute is just a perfect match. Oh and do not forget funny too, because that is sure is. Very amusing in a morbid way.

37 thoughts on “Reviews: Smokin’ Seventeen and Lenore

  1. Ing says:

    I stopped reading the Plum books after I think book 8. I just got tired of her going back and forth between the two guys. Like you I'm like make up your f-ing mind already…lol. Are you going to check out the movie when it comes out?

  2. Mel says:

    I read the first Stephanie Plum book and while it was ok I never bothered reading the rest of the series. Sounds like I haven't missed much! 🙂

  3. Blodeuedd says:

    IngI held out to…10-11, but then at 12 I was tired, and then I got more and more tired. At 15 I was pulling my hair.Yup *sighs* Damn me! But I still love it, even if I now hate it too.MelThe first few ones were awesome. I used to read them in a few hours and laugh my ass off. But now I know the jokes and just can't laugh any more.MaryAnother one that gave up at 8, but well that is where I stopped buying them.AnaYou MUST read Lenore. Damn I adored her. They were so funny and creepy. The best combo ever

  4. Cecile Smutty Hussy says:

    Hey honey! I think I stopped this series at like 8 or 9. And I am sorry to see that the plot is still the same and that she has not picked which one she wants, lol. Well… I would just take both of them!Hope all is well honey! Hugs to you!

  5. Blodeuedd says:

    MissieShe did not mean too 😦 She is just a strange little dead girl.And do try them, cos they are just awesome.NiseI will keep on reading too, and I sure know nothing at all will happen in book 18, arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!CecileI hear you, I am for that alternative too 😉 Too bad the guys wont go for it. But honestly just pick morelli, he loves her. Ranger, do not know about himChrisSighs, I know

  6. naida says:

    I used to read the Plum book,s but I got tired of them. lol about your being a sucker for punishment :)The Lenore books look cute and creepy!

  7. Aurian says:

    I've read only a short story in the Stephanie Plum series, and the writing style did not really attract me. So for now, happy to have not started this dragging series. I follow the series by Joanne Fluke, and Hannah can also not make up her mind who to choose. It sure gets tiring after a while, luckily the mysteries are still good.Those comics are not my thing though.

  8. Blodeuedd says:

    CarrrieThey are so freaking adorable :DAurianThere is a short story? And here I thought I had read everything,. I have read the in between novels and they truly suck. She drove into the woods there.The mysteries here, well we all know she will burn a car and somehow get the bad guy. There is never anything at all that surprises me. And just pick one!

  9. Yvonne says:

    I used to love the Plum books so much. The last one I read was #13 and I do want to get back to reading them. I have a 14 and 15 on my Nook. The next two, I think, the library has but I have so many books to read that I'm not really in a rush 🙂

  10. Blodeuedd says:

    BermudaThey should just drop her sorry ass and move on. There are better women out there for themYvonneI wish I was not in a rush but I just want to know. And every time I get disappointed cos nothing really happened 😦

  11. Marg says:

    Despite the fact that I have the same reactions as you I have the next book on hold at the library! I do feel okay about the fact that I no longer buy the books – strictly library only for me.

  12. Staci says:

    I am two behind in the Plum books and like you I just wish she would pick a guy! The comics sound delightful. Will be checking these out for sure!

  13. StephanieD says:

    Well with 17 books, I guess she's going to keep on going until the publisher stops publishing her books. Some people can't seem to deviate from their formulas.

  14. Blodeuedd says:

    MelissaI will bet you she does not pick 😉 Maybe in book 25 she gets pregnant…and still does not pick a daddy.Melissa WorldI can't stop! I am hopeless, a sucker for punishment.At least Lenore rocked.MargLol, I know, we are hopeless. I will totally get book 18 as quickly as the library gets itStaciDo check her out 😀 So funny!She is never gonna pick a guy, but I might just stop reading.MysticaLol, glad you liked that at least.

  15. Blodeuedd says:

    StephAnd why end a winning concept. But I think they will just drive people to madness. I tried her other series too, and that one stunk.AlyssaTell me about it, I wish i could give them up, cos I am more irritated than happy at this point.AnnaCreepy, oh yes so bloody creepy, but a must read.CarolI guess they are not for everyone, and trust me, as you can see, I am so freaking annoyed by now so you are not missing out.MRs QThat would be a good idea, cos the constant I can't choose drives me nuts. yes you can choose woman!

  16. says:

    Hmm…I have heard some people LOVED the Stephanie Plumb books and continue to read them as they are released. But…now I'm a little nervous to check them out. I'll give book 1 a go and see what I think from there I guess. As for your two graphic novels, I have still not checked out a graphic novel but I think I need to. So many people have been talking about them recently. We'll see…Lenore looks like it would be cute…in a creepy way, like Tim Burton's animated work. 🙂

  17. Blodeuedd says:

    CherryDo try and seeDeannaDo read the Lenore ones, so freaking cute it hurts, and so creepy too. Perfect fall weather reading material ;)I love and hate the Plum books. But I can't stop reading them. And the in between books sucks big time and the new Diesel series

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