Review: Mr. Darcy’s Undoing – Abigail Reynolds

Genre: Pride and Prejudice variation
Pages: 352
Published: October 1, 2011
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark
Source: For review

A passionate new Pride and Prejudice variation explores the unthinkable-Elizabeth accepts the proposal of a childhood friend before she meets Darcy again. When their paths cross, the devastated Mr. Darcy must decide how far he’ll go to win the woman he loves. How can a man who prides himself on his honor ask the woman he loves to do something scandalous? And how can Elizabeth accept a loveless marriage when Mr. Darcy holds the key to her heart? As they confront family opposition and the ill-will of scandal-mongers, will Elizabeth prove to be Mr. Darcy’s undoing?

My thoughts:
It is that time again, time for a JA variation. And this one gets a bit passionate towards the end too.
Lizzie meets Darcy, he proposes and she thinks he is an ass. We all know the story. In this one she goes home and meets Mr Covingon, she knows him from before and he asks for her hand in marriage and she accepts. Darcy comes and wants her back but it is too late. Of course Mr. Darcy does not give up, and there are a few twists and turn before they can get their HEA.
Oh Mr. Darcy, you are so improper, not that I complain. It was fun to see his more passionate side, he truly wants her as his wife, he dreams about her (dirty ones ;), and he hopes to sway her with kisses. And who can say no when Mr. Darcy starts kissing you? Poor Lizzie does not stand a chance. And I, well I love that his does not want to give up, he knows she loves him too.
What we have in this story is the tale of a man pursuing that which he wants, a few passionate encounters, and that which we all love, Mr. Darcy and Lizzie being totally and madly in love with each other.
If you want to read about Mr. Darcy seducing with kisses then read this book. It is another cute and passionate re-telling of the story so many of us know and love.

32 thoughts on “Review: Mr. Darcy’s Undoing – Abigail Reynolds

  1. Lynette says:

    Were you reading my mind? LOL. I actually looked at this on Amazon today. This is the only one of her previous published ones of hers that I haven't read. Still debating though.

  2. Missie says:

    Darcy wouldn't need kisses to seduce me, his icy glares work just fine! LOLI love the idea of an improper Darcy. Nope, poor Lizzy doesn't stand a chance.

  3. Anachronist says:

    Sounds like a groundhog's day…the same stuff over and over again…but of course it can be fun, nobody says it cannot be fun!!Mel you cracked me up – imagine reading all these variations and not the original version.

  4. Blodeuedd says:

    LynetteLol, yes I was about to ask you if you had read this one, since lol, Mr Darcy has got some very naughty dreamsAurianit was :)ChrisNope, but wanna :DMelLol, I am addicted, I do confess

  5. Blodeuedd says:

    JannaPerhaps not, but I can still enjoy it, and them all ;)MissyReally? πŸ˜‰ I think he would just scare me away with those. I'd rather take the kissesvery improperAnaI am so glad I have read the original one or you would have my head. I dodged the bullet thereMelissaThen you would sure enjoy it cos oh man, improper yes indeed

  6. Blodeuedd says:

    VVWhat, no do not say that. Poor fellow. He never stalks, they are always near each other anyway :)StaciTrust me, the dreams ;)MelissaI am glad youn are enjoying it :DAlyssait was fun cos it was such a change and I could believe it

  7. Blodeuedd says:

    Mary It was :)PattiOh yes, that he even dares to look at her after those dreams, my oh myYvonneI hope you read it.StephThat is why there are variations, she is feeling the pressure of her family being left without anything at all.MelissaHaha. Try it and tell you if he went of it *wonders if I should call bf Darcy too ;)*

  8. Blodeuedd says:

    IrenaI like that too, make the mae work for it! He sure needs to make up for things.VivienneLol, many ;)JennyLol, aye, one can not resist a passionate MR DarcyAnnaI hope you enjoy it!DarleneThere are a LOT.- But then there is a amrket for it

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