Review: After Eden – Katherine Pine

Series: Fallen Angels 1

Genre: Paranormal romance YA
Published: April 2011
Source: For review
Review by Lis

Devi knows she shouldn’t trust the new employee at her favorite used bookstore. Sure, he’s funny, smart and hands down the sexiest guy she’s ever met, but something dark lurks behind his unassuming smile and sinful green eyes.

Still, a girl can’t always afford to be picky. When an angel abducts your twin brother it should come as no surprise that the one person who can help you get him back is a demon–and only if you’re willing to pay his price.


Grrrrrr! That’s what I thought for most of this book. That and I wanted to shake some sense into the main character Devi. Girl, grow a pair! As you all know, characters sometimes are just like real people to me and I like my characters strong or written in such a way that their behavior is believable. Well, this story just left me a little annoyed after reading it and thinking of Bella from Twilight. While this story was most definitely not my cup of tea, it might just be what you are looking for. Curious about my ranting yet?

After Eden is the story of Devi, which starts the day she walks into a used bookstore. While there she gets a seizure but is rescued by the very handsome, but very mysterious new owner: Oz. So long has he touches her, she’s seizure free. Of course, this is the perfect opportunity to ask someone out, which Oz does. Okay, well, they go to dinner and Oz walks Devi home.

That’s actually where the real story starts, ‘cause once home the demon Forneus pops in to kidnap her and take her to the Prince of Hell. Well, that’s certainly some home coming. Luckily for Devi, there’s Oz. Did I mention that Oz is an Angel? No? Well… there ya go!

Can you feel the other shoe falling yet? Uhuh. Angels and demons. A very popular theme in young adult stories these days. There certainly are some interesting views on heaven and hell, angels and demons and devils in this story. You sure have to like this theme to love it. Personally I have no problem with demons, but angels and heaven/religion are subjects I rather not always touch in story. Especially with a whiny character that leans on a man too much.

After Eden is very much a character-driven story. There are looooooooooooooooooooong conversations in this story and that pushes the action to the background a bit. Have I mentioned I’m an impatient woman? While some of these conversations where most definitely needed, some were too long and overdrawn, jumping from one topic to the other.

To me this story would have benefitted from a good editor, because my other issue is: originally I thought this would be about Devi who searched for her missing brother. While the theme/topic is certainly around, it gets lost in the story sometimes. After Eden focuses on too many things, which makes this a complicated read. There is no real balance between the world building and the plot.

After Eden is certainly not a bad read and there are some who will really like this book. It would have been nice to see Devi grow a little in the story and maybe finding a backbone along the way and Oz being a little less overprotective. But if you like Angels and Demons, with some sweet characters than this book is for you!

Note from Blodeuedd:
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15 thoughts on “Review: After Eden – Katherine Pine

  1. Anachronist says:

    Well, this story just left me a little annoyed after reading it and thinking of Bella from TwilightRight, thank you very much, not my cuppa and not my piece of cake. Angels and demons belong to heaven and hell; focus on people.

  2. Blodeuedd says:

    VivienneI know, not the best of themAnaNot a big fan of those angels and demons eitherStephTrue, I just want to slap heroines like thatNaidaBell, ugh, what was Meyer thinking?MelI do like mine kick-ass, lolStaci:)

  3. Blodeuedd says:

    MelissaMouwhahahahahahahaYou will never know, never! Though Dottie stopped by and gave me a real nice ending in her thoughts.And just as long as Ana does not find out, well yes I would love if he truly loved her and she fell for him, awwww, and they had pretty babies

  4. Lis says:

    Vivienne: this is not a book i would have picked out myself. Sometimes you just know. B.: yer welcome, as alwaysAna: you took the words right out of my mind!Steph: so very true. It's fitting as long as it's done well, but sometimes it just annoys the hell out of you!Naida: hahaha there are a lot of people she annoyed. You're welcome!Mel: So very true!Melissa: hahaha there was a lot of grrr! 😉 Thanks!Staci: thanks that's good to hear!Carrie, well you might if you like character driven stories!Melissa: I'm not sure if there will be more books, but she could grow. Carol: you know best 🙂

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