Interview and Giveaway: Victoria Connelly – A Weekend with Mr Darcy

By now you all know I really like Jane Austen variations 😉 And today I have Victoria Connelly over who has written A Weekend With Mr Darcy. There is also a chance to win the book at the end of this interview.

Tell us something about yourself, so we can get to know you better…

I’ve always written – my first attempt at fiction was when I was 14.  I grew up watching the romantic comedies of Marilyn Monroe, Gene Kelly, Judy Garland and Doris Day and I just loved them.  I’m never happier than when my writing is going well but I have other interests too.  I’m passionate about animal welfare and have a Springer spaniel from rescue and four ex- battery chickens.  I also love baking, gardening and walking in the countryside.
Could you tell me about your newest book, A Weekend with Mr Darcy?

A Weekend with Mr Darcy is the first in my trilogy about Jane Austen addicts.  It’s a romantic comedy set in rural Hampshire about two couples who meet and fall in love at Jane Austen conference.  It’s had some lovely reviews in the UK and I was delighted to hear that Andrew Davies had read it – he’s the screenwriter who adapted Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth and he thought my book was ‘Great fun … a real page turner.’  I was so thrilled!

What made you write a contemporary book with Jane Austen vibes?
I wanted to explore what it was like living with a Jane Austen addict.  I’m forever watching the film adaptations of the books and I often wonder what my husband thinks of it all.  I’d also be visiting many of Austen’s beautiful locations including Chawton in Hampshire, Lyme Regis in Dorset and the Georgian city of Bath and I couldn’t help thinking that they would make wonderful settings books.

Which Jane Austen novel is your favorite?

Pride and Prejudice – it was the first Jane Austen I read and I totally fell in love with it.  I adore Elizabeth and Mr Darcy – sparks fly whenever they are together!  I also love the humour and the way Austen portrays the characters of Mr Collins and Lady Catherine.  Oh, and wicked Wickham – he’s such a great character.

Who would you picture playing the leading roles if this book was turned into a movie? 
My first published book, Flights of Angels, was made into a movie in Germany and it’s every writer’s dream to see that happen.  For A Weekend with Mr Darcy, my dream cast would be Richard Armitage as my hero, Warwick Lawton, Rose Byrne as my academic, Dr Katherine Roberts, Rebecca Night as romantic Robyn Love and Jared Padalecki as handsome Dan Harcourt.  So, if you can arrange that for me, I’d be very grateful!

Could you tell me about a little about the other books you have written?

The next book in my Jane Austen trilogy is called Dreaming of Mr Darcy and comes out in January.  It’s about a young woman who runs a bed and breakfast in Lyme Regis and falls madly in love with the actor playing Captain Wentworth in a new adaptation of Persuasion which is filming in the town.  The final book in the trilogy is called Mr Darcy Forever and is about to estranged sisters who meets at the Jane Austen Festival in Bath.  I’ve also written a romantic comedy called Molly’s Millions which is about a lottery winner who gives it all away.

Are you working on something new and exciting at the moment?

Indeed, I am!  I’ve just completed my Austen addicts trilogy and I’m working on a new romantic comedy called The Runaway Actress about a movie star who swaps Hollywood for the Highlands of Scotland.  There’s a whole cast of crazy characters and a fabulous backdrop – I love writing about Scotland.
Any advice for aspiring writers?
Never give up.  If you love writing and really want to be published, keep at it.  Read as much as you can and write as often as you can and keep sending your book out to agents and publishers.  It can often take years before becoming published but, if you’re passionate enough about it and willing to learn from your mistakes, you will get there!

Thanks for stopping by!
And thank you for your lovely questions.

1 copy of A Weekend with Mr. Darcy

1. Open to US and Canda
2. Ends August 4th
3. Just enter or well just write anything you want really 🙂 Like which one is your fav JA book or movie?

Out Now from Sourcebooks Landmark
Full of characters obsessed with Jane Austen and set in Jane Austen locations in England, this lively modern Jane Austen romantic comedy trilogy features two pairs of lonely hearts who find each other and themselves at a Jane Austen Addicts weekend.

Dr. Katherine Roberts is a Jane Austen lecturer at St Bridget’s College, Oxford, who secretly loves the racy Regency novels of Lorna Warwick. But Lorna is really a man who’s slowly been falling in love with Katherine. He’s hoping that the Jane Austen Addicts weekend will be the perfect opportunity to declare his feelings…

  Hi from me.
My Flash fic for this week
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33 thoughts on “Interview and Giveaway: Victoria Connelly – A Weekend with Mr Darcy

  1. Melissa (My words and pages) says:

    Another wonderful interview! 🙂 Thank you!!!And since LJ is being a pain I'll comment here for you Flash Fiction….AAAaaaa!! I love this one! Oooo, she is very good. And the hair piece. Very nice touch. He sounded like an ass anyway. 🙂 I like him being that way as it makes the story. GREAT !!!

  2. Misha says:

    Richard Armitage is a fantastic choice! Love him.Congrats on the review from Andrew Davies! That's fantastic!My favorite JA book is Persuasion and favorite adaptation is Sense and Sensibility (the 2008 version).(Not an entry)

  3. Jenny says:

    Oooo I love the sound of this one! And I have to agree with Misha, I think Richard Armitage is an awesome choice:) Thanks so much for the giveaway!supernaturalsnark(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. Nina says:

    I'm not entering, but I really need to read some more Jane Austen adaptions. 😉 Great interview, very interesting. Richard Armitage…oh my gosh..when I can I always mention him on my blog, he's so fine. 😉 lol

  5. naida says:

    Great interview ladies. A Weekend With Mr Darcy sounds like a fun read. I love all things Austen. Pride & Prejudice and Persuasion being my top favorites.

  6. Anna says:

    No need to enter me as I've already read (and really enjoyed) the book. Just wanted to say I loved the interview. The next two books in the trilogy sound great!

  7. Jenny N. says:

    I like the storyline of her next book, Dreaming of Mr Darcy. It sounds like great fun. Love Richard Armitage and will probably watch anything that he is in. (No need to enter me)

  8. anaavu says:

    Definitely P&P. I re-read (or re-listen to) that book at least once a year. And it's on my school required reading list this year. YAY!

  9. Missie says:

    Oh wow! Congrats on getting your first book made into a movie. That's so awesome. And I'm a bit fan of Richard Armitage. Thanks for the interview.

  10. Melissa (Books and Things) says:

    Okay, I'm probably boring, but P&P is my fave book and movie. :)books (Dot) things (at) yahoo (Dot) comOn the FF: HEY! I can be evil too! Didn't the whip say otherwise? 😉 Just because I like an HEA doesn't mean that this one wasn't! The ass got it and I consider that an HEA. 🙂 Keep writing!!

  11. Julie says:

    Great interview – very thoughtful and inspiring! My favorite JA book is definitely Sense and Sensibility – I've read it so many time already but I never get tired of it :)jwitt33 at live dot com

  12. Rebecca says:

    Great interview! I'm totally excited about this book, and think it's super cool that Davies read it & liked it! :oDFav JA movie…Depends what mood I'm in ;o) For laughs, I *love* the 1940 version of P&P, just because it's sooooooo totally weird, haha

  13. Aurian says:

    Lovely interview Blodeuedd and Victoria, I enjoyed reading it. I like Jane Austen books, but am not such an addict to it. I guess my favourite will always be Pride and Prejudice though.

  14. Blodeuedd says:

    MelissaYou are most welcome 😀 I am happy to bring you all more authors.Hihi, he was an ass. That guy had it coming.MishaI sure love him too. And I love PersuasionMelissaGood to hear!Thanks ChrisJennyI just love him, mmm ;)NinaI should mention him more too ;)NaidaAs noticed I love it too :DAnnaI really like the Persuasion one, sounds soo goodjennyMe too ;)LiederThey are just the bestMargaretLove that one too

  15. Blodeuedd says:

    AnaavuYay indeed :DMissieAye he is one fine manMelissaLol, you are not boring. it is a very good book and movie Colin Firth ;)Hihi, thank you 😉 The whip worked its magic and I am glad to give you a bloody HEAAlexisGood choiceAMused TTrue, never give upJulieGood to hear :DRebeccaHaha, I saw that one, I am afraid I was not moved 😉 But I love the cheesiness of itThanks Cherry!ToreEntered :)GwenGood luck!AurianThanks I am glad you did

  16. Margay says:

    Mention anything about Richard Armitage and I'm there! As for my favorite JA book – Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion are tied for first place and I love both of their most recent movie adaptations.Margay1122ATaolDOTcom

  17. Jenny Girl says:

    Richard Armitage YUMMY! Also adore Rose Byrne too. They would make a nice couple.Thanks for the interview and contest. Interview was an interesting read.fav Austen thing: P&P Colin Firth edtion (so typical but true), and the newer version of Persuasion. I think this was 2 years ago. Oh and Northanger Abbey too,; book and new movie version.

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