Review: The Warlord’s Legacy – Ari Marmell

Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 400
Published: May 2011 Gollancz

The war is over; Audriss the Serpent and his plans for tyranny have been put to an end. But for a man like Corvis Rebaine – whose past is full of horror and atrocities – there is no rest; especially not when word begins to spread that he’s going around killing key members of the ruling aristocracy and the merchant Guilds… because it’s not actually Corvis doing it. If he’s going to clear his name, and find out who’s using it for their own nefarious purposes, then he will have to enter the murky world of politics and assassination once again. And he’s not going to be very pleased about it.
My thoughts:
This book takes places 6 years after the events in Conqueror’s Shadow, and sure you can read it as a stand alone novel. But if you really want to get to the bottom of things then you should read CS first.

I do like Corvis, why? Well I do not know because I honestly should not. Over 20 years ago he brought death and destruction and killed..and then killed some more. He was one crazy warlord. Then he came back and killed some more but the point is that he always had an idea behind it. He wanted to make the country better since now everyone is suffering beneath the guilds and the nobles. Sure he may just have gone about it the wrong way *whistles*, but I like a good anti-hero.

In this book someone is massacring nobles and the Guild and it seems to be Corvis. Though it is not so he has to clear his name, or take the easy way and just kill the person behind it all. I was also saddened to see that his wife had taken the kids and left him because she felt he would not change. Awww poor Corvis. He could not find a way to bring his nice protective personality and the killing machine to work together. Such a shame because I liked Cerris as he called himself.

So he is not a good person, but he tries to be. And those that think they are good are not good either, in the end it does not matter. Nothing is black and white in this book. People do what they think is the best and it does not always work out.

A bit more gritty fantasy where you will like the bad guys and dislike the good guys. And considering how it ended there must be more to come. It was a nice solid ending, but then there was that promise of more that may happen. 

And I promise you that you will like Corvis, the best of bad guys.



34 thoughts on “Review: The Warlord’s Legacy – Ari Marmell

  1. Misha says:

    Like you, I have often found myself liking the "villains", simply because they stand out the most and evoke the most emotions. I like that everything isn't black and white – that's somehow more realistic.

  2. Jenny says:

    I love an anti-hero as well:) Any characters that blur the line between good and bad area always interesting, and it seems like this book has those types in spades. Nice review!

  3. Simcha says:

    Aww, his wife leaves him? But they were so happy together in the last book. I enjoyed the first book in the series and look forward to reading this one, though I hope it has a happy ending.

  4. anachronist says:

    Yeah, your Corvis is exactly like me – I am a good, likeable blogger girl, just accidentally killing off these poor romance novel I stumble upon and read…no harm meant or done, just simple killing, right? I can't help myself – do you still like me?*Anachronist makes those big, puppy eyes like the Cat in Boots from Shrek movies"

  5. Missie says:

    Crazy warlord! My heart is pounding. LOLIt kind of makes you feel like you are living on the edge when you care for a book character you know you wouldn't dare even look at in RL. That is what makes reading fun!

  6. Elysium says:

    I have the first book but haven't read it yet. I saw this at store and was wondering if I should buy it. I like when everything isn't black and white. Makes story so much more interesting.

  7. Blodeuedd says:

    @CherryNone at all. It all ends but then there is a chapter about another person so yes there could be more if he writes it@MishaIt was more realistic. Sure he did bad things, but he also had heart and reason. it was just real.@ALyssaThey are the best and he is a very good bad guy@JennyWhere ever you look they jump out. Like the good guy who is hunting down Corvis but then the good guy does bad things so he not good. Oh yes everyone is just normal…and bad

  8. Blodeuedd says:

    @DanaSome you just have to like and I sure like him@Simcha*cries a bit* yes! it starts with her having left him years ago and that just broke my heart. I really thought they could be happy. Poor Corvis, poor Tyannon.@CaroleOh I hated the "good" guys with a vengence ;)@AnaHaha, yes he is just like you. So that is then the reason why I like you. No one kills romance novel characters like you and butchers happy endings. It's a love massacre.And noooo! cat in boots eyes are my weak spot!

  9. Blodeuedd says:

    MissieI guess so. Even a person that liked him started dislking him when that person realised who he was. So yes bad bad bad bad guy. But damn if I don't love him still@MelissaIt's a good one though it did have me laughing a bit. You see in Swedish Korv means sausage and well corv is then the same. And the -is at the end makes it look like a petname. Like I would call someone my sausage-is. Yes I am that childish ;)*faints* Lol@RyanOhhhh I do hope you like book 1 then :D@StephIt is, he has a good reason for it, a really good one.@ElysiumHere is sure is a mess of colours, the way it should be. I do hope you like book 1

  10. Mel says:

    I like bad guys who aren't all bad – everyone has reasons for what they do in real life so I am intrigued. But I hate jumping into a series in the second book (unlike some people I could mention…Melissa!) so will look aout for the first book first! πŸ™‚

  11. anachronist says:

    @AnaHaha, yes he is just like you. So that is then the reason why I like you. No one kills romance novel characters like you and butchers happy endings. It's a love massacre.And noooo! cat in boots eyes are my weak spot!Hahah here I get you! Love massacre…a nice name for a book blog don't you think? ;p

  12. Blodeuedd says:

    @carrieI like those two cos we are all like that one way or another. Well then there are those that are just bad, and those that are freakishly sweet lol@JennyHihi, one just have to like him@NaidaHer is a a good villain, honestly I think he is the good guy@ChrisLol! yes that sword is not something to play around with

  13. Blodeuedd says:

    @Deannayes yes, I will not rest before you dip your toes in fantasy water and not fantasy romance, no no, the epic awesome kind.Thanks Yvonne!@StaciHihi. you never forget your first love :)@Melissahe is the best, there is no other way to put it. He is just so well written

  14. Blodeuedd says:

    @MelLol, oh yes Melissa is quite the jumper *whistles do not read my other review where I jumped from book 6 to 9 ;)*@AurianI hope you do@AnaOh awesome name. The Love Massacre, where good books goes to die…oh that sounds evil

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