Interview and contest: Carolyn Brown – Love Drunk Cowboy

Today I am interviewing Carolyn Brown about her newest book Love Drunk Cowboy. And stay tuned cos there is a contest at the bottom and 2 copies are up for grabs. Carolyn will also be stopping by if you have questions :=)

Welcome to Mur-y-Castell!

Tell us something about yourself, for those who do not know you yet…
CB: Good morning, everyone! It’s a pleasure to be here again. Love Drunk Cowboy is my 50th published book so I’m telling everyone who’ll stand still and listen all about it. I started writing when my third child was born and wouldn’t sleep at night. She wasn’t fussy and was quite content to sit in her infant seat and watch the pretty fish in the big aquarium. So I sharpened a few pencils and bought a spiral back notebook and started writing the book of my heart. Before she started sleeping Husband bought a used manual typewriter at a garage sale for me and I knew it was an omen. My book was going to be the next overnight best seller. I had visions of movie contracts and was picking out the actors who would be vying for my character’s parts. And the book did not sell! My child started sleeping at night. I got a day job when she started to school and the old typewriter got shoved into closet. Many years later when they were all three grown and married, I decided to write again, this time with a computer. I wrote romance and sold two books to Kensington’s Precious Gems line the same day in 1997. The line died in 1999 but by then I was writing for Avalon. Thirty six books later in 2008, Deb Werksman from Sourcebooks called me one day and wanted to buy my cowboy romance and it turned into three books. I’d wanted to write the Honky Tonk series for a long time and she gave me that opportunity and now I’m on to Spikes and Spurs series. Love Drunk Cowboy is the first book in that series and hit the book shelves on May 1 and will be followed by at least six more cowboy books in that series.

Your newest book is called Love Drunk Cowboy; can you tell us what it is about?
CB: Austin Lanier’s granny died down in Terral, Oklahoma and left Austin her watermelon farm and watermelon wine business. Austin took her two week vacation and planned to clean out the house, sell the farm and scoot right on back to Tulsa where she had a very lucrative position in an oil business. She came from a long line of career minded women and was already high up on the corporate ladder. But she didn’t reckon on Rye O’Donnell, the rancher across the road from her farm, being so dang sexy or being so interested in her either. It was driving her wild but her boots had high heels on them and his were cowboy boots and their lifestyles were just as different. She was head strong and sassy, willing and able to make her own decisions but it was just so sweet the way that Rye kept manipulating everything so they are thrown together. Maybe it’s a dormant gene from her Granny Lanier that skipped a generation but something about watermelon farming grabbed her and before she knows it, she was faced with some very tough decisions. And Rye, with all his steamy kisses and red hot sex wasn’t helping one bit!

What is the best thing about writing about cowboys?
CB: Cowboys are so much fun! They are down to earth, treat women right and oh, my, the way they strut in those tight jeans and cowboy boots makes a woman’s under britches start to inch down to her ankles. Not to mention when they open their mouth, there’s a deep drawl that if a woman lets it, makes her swoon. Really, women can swoon in this century. They just don’t let the cowboy know he affects her that way.

If this book became a movie, who would you see in the lead roles?
CB: Oh, a movie! Those visions of actors are dancing in my head again. Timothy Olyphant or Blake Shelton (Rye even plays the guitar so Blake could get in a few of his songs during the movie). Megan Fox would make a wonderful Austin.

What’s coming next in the Spikes and Spurs series?
CB: Red’s Hot Cowboy will be out in August and along with all the major bookstores, it will also be sold in Wal-Mart stores. It will be followed by Darn Good Cowboy Christmas in September and One Hot Cowboy Wedding in the spring of 2012. Then there’s a Christmas book for 2012 and two other books in the series with publication dates to be announced later.

 I see that you have written a lot of other books. Could you tell us a little bit about those?
CB: I’ve also written both contemporary and historical single titles, and contemporary and historical series for the library market. Somehow all my books tend to wind up set in small towns with a western flavor. The last of the Angels and Outlaws historical series, A Trick of Light will be out in August, followed by a single title contemporary in October, The Ladies Room and then Three Magic Words trilogy in 2012.

And last, what is the best thing about being an author?
CB: The single best part is that I’m a hermit by nature and I can work in my pajamas! Seriously, I would have to say it’s when readers email me and tell me that my books helped them through a difficult time in their lives; that they laughed when they read about my quirky characters, or that they can’t wait for the next book in a series. After all, without readers we, who are fortunate enough to have the privilege of writing full time, would have to find a job (oh horrors at that thought!) that wouldn’t be a tenth as much fun!

I’ll be around all day so talk to me…why do you like to read about cowboys and sassy women? Ask questions! Rye and Austin would be glad to answer most anything you want to know.

Thank you!

2 copies of Love Drunk Cowboy

1. US and Canada
2. Ends May 23rd
3. Ask Carolyn a question, or answer her question (I underlined it 😉 But if you still missed it, then; why do you like to read about Cowboys and sassy women?

Or just comment 🙂
Have fun!


4 Mona

11 Mary


She’s a Self-Made City Girl…
High-powered career woman Austin Lanier suddenly finds herself saddled with an inherited watermelon farm deep in the countryside. She’s determined to sell the farm, until her new, drop-dead sexy neighbor Rye O’Donnell shows up…

He’s as Intoxicating as Can Be…
Rancher Rye O’Donnell thinks he’s going to get a good deal on his dream property—until he meets the fiery new owner. Rye is knocked sideways when he realizes that not only is Granny Lanier’s city-slicker granddaughter a savvy businesswoman, she’s also sexy as hell…

Suddenly Rye is a whole lost less interested in real estate and a whole lot more focused on getting Austin to set aside her stiletto heels…

Carolyn Brown is an award-winning author who has published 36 bestselling romances for the library market. She now writes bestselling single title cowboy and country music mass market romances. Born in Texas and raised in southern Oklahoma, Carolyn and her husband now make their home in the town of Davis, Oklahoma. Carolyn’s next book, Red’s Hot Cowboy will be in stores in August 2011, followed by Darn Good Cowboy Christmas in October 2011. For more information, please visit and

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