Review: What would Mr Darcy do? – Abigail Reynolds

Genre: Jane Austen variation
Pages: 240
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark, April 1st 2011

But what if Darcy hadn’t immediately left the inn? What if Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy had chosen to speak their feelings rather than to assume the worst about the other? Jane Austen’s beloved characters are given the opportunity to reach out one last time before they part. While their path forward is still filled with misadventures and misunderstandings it is rich with humor, romance, and sensuality as they learn about each other and the meaning of love. But there’s still a scandal threatening to engulf the Bennet family, and Elizabeth can’t be sure that Darcy’s love for her could withstand such a blow. Determined to give Darcy up rather than drag his name through the mud, Elizabeth will have to choose for herself between what she believes is right, and what she wants more than anything..
My thoughts:
This was another lovely Jane Austen variation from Abigail Reynolds. It was sweet, and it made me smile.
In this one the story takes a slight turn at that day at the Inn in Lambton. Instead of him going away at once they talk a bit, she cries a bit, and there is a promise to see each other again. What we have next is Bingely showing up to court Jane, Georgiana writing letters to Elizabeth, and Darcy pining over Lizzy. There are no big surprises or changes, but instead it’s a closer look at this couple.
Mr Darcy in this one is lovely, absolutely lovely. He is violently in love as Mrs Gardiner says to Lizzy, and he is just so so, yes in love. It’s great to see this passionate side of him and the only thing he wants to do is to court her. Lizzy is Lizzy, firm in her opinions but she has fallen for him, and these two together when they sneak away are such a joy to read about.
At the beginning this book was so cute, and I just had this big grin on my face. Then it became a bit more passionate (ok passionate for that age), lol, just reading about these two saying each other’s given names and kissing was plenty.
A lovely re-telling of a story that I just can’t get enough of. I would recommend this one to my fellow JA lovers.
Short and nice

Review copy from the publisher. All thoughts are my own.

26 thoughts on “Review: What would Mr Darcy do? – Abigail Reynolds

  1. Missie says:

    *le sigh* Violently in love! What a wonderful feeling.I love books that put a smile on your face from the get go. And I'd love to feel more of Mr. Darcy's passion. I totally want this one now.

  2. Jenny says:

    This sounds so cute! I never tire of anything to do with Pride and Prejudice and those characters, so I can't wait to read this one:) I need a big smile on my face this week!

  3. Blodeuedd says:

    NinaYay, I am glad that you like the sound of it!AudraHihi, good πŸ˜‰ I do love spreading the JA variation love aroundMishaOh yes, it was said more than one time, and he was sure passionate at times πŸ˜‰

  4. Blodeuedd says:

    MissieHe was passionate, he was in love, he was just awww *melts into a puddle* I really liked him in this oneJennyThen this might be the book to do just that. And it's the same with me, I never get tired of this story, in any formAurianI understand where you are coming from, many feel the sameJannaHihi, the answer is NO! Never πŸ˜€

  5. Blodeuedd says:

    AmusedI keep wanting to read more and more…and more :DAnnaI even found it steamy when they just held hands, because they were just so into itBermudaI bet she would :DAnaMight be tempted, ohhhh, nice πŸ˜‰

  6. Aarti says:

    I admit I'm kind of tired of all the authors doing Austen spin-offs. I feel they should try to do something more original and leave Austen alone! Though I'm glad you liked it so much! Maybe I'm wrong… πŸ™‚

  7. Blodeuedd says:

    CarrieIt was really cute :DStaciHe was just so wonderful, just like he should beAartiI admit, it's not for everyone, but I am hopelessly addictedChrisLol, I believe so

  8. Blodeuedd says:

    MelissaThen it must be the book for you :DYvonneI hope you do, cos then you can read it :DJennyme neither, I just want more and moreDarlynMe too πŸ™‚

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