Review: Cowboy Fever – Joanne Kennedy

Genre: Contemporary romance
Pages: 416
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca April 1st 2011
Source: From the publisher
Miss Rodeo Wyoming Jodie Bryce is back from the big city to find that her childhood friend Teague Treadwell’s rugged cowboy charm never looked better. But Teague thinks Jodie’s success lifted her out of his reach, and now he’s got to shed his bad boy image to be worthy of the girl next door.
My thoughts:
I liked this one, it was sweet, it had a cowboy and a also a crazy westernbarbie cowboy lover to stir up trouble. Lol, I will tell you all about it.
Jodie was a normal tomboy who loved riding, but then she put on makeup, fancy clothes and became Miss Rodeo and did some modeling before going away to school. She left behind the town’s bad boy, Teague. They had been friends since they were little but there had also always been something between them. So while she has been away he has tried to shed his bad boy persona and making some money, while she has cast of her Rodeo Queen ways. But when she comes back he still thinks she is too good for him.
I liked Jodie, she was so down to earth and all she wanted was to help kids with disabilities. She never saw herself as better than Teague who had been poor and lived in a trailer when young. Teague then, oh, hunky cowboy alert! All he wants is to take care of his brother, who has Down syndrome, and to build something and not end up like his dad, the wifebeater. And he has also always been in love with Jodie. All I ever wanted while reading was for these two to get that HEA.
So I mentioned a Barbie, oh yes, the annoying rich girl who dresses more like Western Hooker Barbie, and who is constantly following Teague around cos he is a cowboy and badboy. Her I just wanted to push into a ditch. So let’s call her the bad guy of the story, the one that will cause drama.
There is romance, some hot passion, an annoying woman who does not understand the word no, and friendship. Later things will turn bad and we get a bit of suspense.
I liked it, I read it just like that because it was all sweet and quick to read. A good western with a likeable couple. I would recommend it, and I would read more westerns by this author. Oh and did I mention the hunky cowboy 😉
Quick and easy


If you are looking for my Flash Fiction story for the week then you can find it here. I am back at my old blog again

The Winner of A Race to Splendor
Jenny Girl
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Anyway here they are, and they all got their books already


31 thoughts on “Review: Cowboy Fever – Joanne Kennedy

  1. Jenny Girl says:

    I was never into cowboys but there is a televsion show I watch that takes plcae down South. The lead wears a sharp Stetson hat and cowboy boots…very easy on the eyes. Maybe I'll give this one a try :)Yay for me!!Thanks for the contest Linda.

  2. Jenny Girl says:

    I read your entry on LiveJournal.That was really quite good! I want to know more! Her poor children left without a mom but atleast she protected her daughter in the end. Ha! Excellent writing.

  3. Blodeuedd says:

    JennyHm…nothing comes to mind. Which tvshow is that?Congrats 😀 I hope you will enjoy the book!Oh you again, lol. I had not seen that.Thank you! How horrible I am, I never thought about the fact that those poor kids are now orphans, perhaps they deserve a follow-up storyMishaHihi, doesn't it ;)AurianLol, I am glad you liked at least that partMaryIt would be perfect for that

  4. Blodeuedd says:

    ChrisWhat noooo! Don't say that, what if there are two cowboys then?VivienneLol, I am glad to have made you smileAnaAnother cowboy bites the dust. Poor cowboys, but yay for my storyBermudait was so much fun :DVVLol! Hihi, I am glad for that

  5. Melissa (Books and Things) says:

    Western Hooker Barbie! Bwa ha ha ha ha! Oh I loved that! Mostly b/c I have aunts who think that I'm insane for liking Rock and think that everything about country is just perfect. Oh, I'll keep that image in my mind next time I have to deal with them. *snort*

  6. Jenny says:

    Do you know I've never read a single story about a cowboy? I think I'm missing out on some major smexiness if Teague is any indication!

  7. Jenny N. says:

    Nice name for her…Western Hooker Barbie LOL. Those types annoy me so much. They keep getting rejected but never get the picture that they are not wanted.

  8. Sassy Brit says:

    Gotta love a hunky cowboy! 🙂 Not usually my sort of thing, but you make them sound so much more interesting! 😉 Love it! Hey did you read Dottie's flash for SSSS last week? It's brilliant, do go and have a read if you have time! Have a great Easter break!

  9. Staci says:

    I like hunky cowboys!! I'm going to download a few Zane Grey books which were written a long time ago to experience the Western genre..probably doesn't have too much romance in it but that's o.k. My grandpa gobbled these up back in the day!

  10. Blodeuedd says:

    Chris :(MelissaLOL! You keep that in mind if it helps :DI can't say I know a lot about country, there is this song I like..yup..that is itI am glad you still thought it was a HEA 🙂 I am to please. Ok not this time, this time I went for blood, but if the end still was good then yayJennyNever?! I am shocked, truly shocked. But then again I see it all as very exotic and you might not see it the same way..well except for the sexy hunky partHawkI like them too, always had a weak spot of cowboys

  11. Blodeuedd says:

    JennyShe was just arghhhh, he never gave her an inch but she kept coming back and she thought he was everything he wasn'tDarlynHihi, I feel the sameSassyI so must participate this week! You know I will do my best 🙂 I just have to try to be as good as Dottie :)StaciOh you mean like real old school western with cowboys, bad guys and a lot of shooting? Sounds fun :)AmusedYou and me both :DLisLol, yes I think you would enjoy it

  12. Missie says:

    Grrrrr! I tried leaving a comment on LJ but couldn't. Awesome story. Hey if you are gonna go out, might as well take someone with you. ;)And of course I love me some cowboys. And not just because I'm a Texas gal.

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