Guest review: Dead People – Edie Ramer

Genre: Paranormal romance
Pages: 193
Published: 2010
Review by Lis
When Cassie Taylor talks, ghosts listen. She wants to heal their souls so they can leave earth. Brooding songwriter Luke Rivers wants to give his recently found daughter a normal home, but he discovers his new house in small town Wisconsin is haunted by a ghost with an attitude. His ghost whisperer has an attitude too — even before someone tries to kill her. So why does he have the hots for her? And why does she lust after him? He wants conventional; she wants acceptance. No wonder she thinks men are hard and dead people are easy.

“No wonder you’re stuck here on earth. God wouldn’t let you into heaven.”

After reading that sentence on the first page of Dead People by Edie Ramer, I was sold. It wouldn’t have mattered if the rest of the book sucked, that sentence made my day. It showed me that like Cattitude this book also possessed a healthy quantity of ‘tude!

It got only better after that. The story also made me a little jealous and with a definite longing to see ghosts as well, especially if they are all as hot as Joe. Yes, I have a thing for bad boys from the fifties *hides Elvis collection*

On the story! Dead People is about Cassie and Luke. Cassie is a sassy, opinionated ghost-councilor. She has the ability to see and interact with ghosts. Some of them are nicer than others. Luke is a songwriter and single father who recently found out his ex’s daughter is his as well and not his band mate’s. He recently moved his traumatized daughter to this great big mansion; a mansion which comes complete with the dead previous owner. That’s where Cassie and Luke meet and that’s where their story starts. They really don’t want to like each other, but there’s a definite attraction between the two.

Cassie becomes involved in the mystery as she finds out that the previous owner, a hell cat of a woman, was murdered. She also becomes involved with Luke’s daughter who has some troubles of her own.

The story is entertaining, eye-widening, edge-your-seat thrilling and belly-laugh funny. Not that I expected anything less from Edie Ramer!

The characters are well defined and have their flaws. At times I wanted to kick Luke’s ass and admire him (and said fine ass) at the same time. The same for Cassie, except for the ass admiring part. It can’t be easy having to defend yourself all the time and make a life for yourself at the same time. It was also a lot of fun to see Joe and how he keeps Cassie on her toes and be her soundboard at the same time.

Dead People is one fine romance read and I certainly wouldn’t leave it lying on the digital shelf for long!


20 thoughts on “Guest review: Dead People – Edie Ramer

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Lis and B, thanks for the great review! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.Dead People is on sale for only 99 cents now. I'm writing the 2nd Haunted Heart book, and Joe's the hero. I love writing in his point of view. He's a fun guy, not as damaged as the heroes I usually write. He already saved a mistreated dog.

  2. JenM says:

    I loved Cattitude, so I recently bought Dead People but hadn't read it yet. I'm glad you liked it. I'll have to move it up in the TBR pile.

  3. Missie says:

    LOL!It must be a pretty fine ass if you can admire it through a book. And it sounds like the characters share some fun banter. I love that.

  4. Blodeuedd says:

    LaurieI hope to red it one dayDarleneThe cover is greatVivienneI love awesome first linesMishaHihi, cool ghost indeedAnaNext time then ;)AurianThey are the bestDarlyn:)JenMI have only read Dragon blues but I liked it :)CarolIt does sound funMelissaHaha, yeah 😉 Have fun shoppingMissieI am so curious about that ass nowJennyLike a first line should be :)MelissaThe best feeling 🙂

  5. Lis says:

    Thanks for the comments all! I really appreciate it! here's for hoping I've convinced you to read the book! Edie: you're welcome!

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