Early Review: Highland Heat – Mary Wine

Highlander 3
Genre: Historical romance
Pages: 348
To be published: March 1st 2011 Sourcebooks Casablanca

Ruined, betrayed, and banished…
As brave as she is impulsive, Deidre Chattan’s tendency to follow her heart and not her head has finally tarnished her reputation beyond repair. But when powerful Highland Laird Quinton Cameron finds her, he could care less about her past—it’s her future he’s about to change forever…
From the moment Quinton sets eyes on Deidre Chattan, rational thought vanishes, for in her eyes he sees a fiery spirit that matches his own and he’ll be damned if he’ll let such a wild Scottish rose wither under the weight of a nun’s habit. With nothing left to lose, Deidre and Quinton band together to protect king and crown. But what they can accomplish alone is nothing compared to what they can build with their passion for each other.
Deirdre Chattan went to live in a convent to repent after her affair that left her in ruin. She had no idea what she will do after that, but she knows that she wants to bring honour to her clan again. Then Quinton Cameron shows up looking for the queen, and he has not forgotten Deirdre’s hellion ways. When fate brings them together again sparks fly.
My thoughts:
The blurb does say some things that don’t happen. They never truly protect king and crown. There is some politics in the background but it’s more about their passion, and how a marriage to her could bring clans together, so who should have her?
This is book 3 in a series, but they are all standalone so even if I had read none of the others I could just have jumped in and missed nothing. Deidre slept with a man who promised her marriage but he just used her. That is why she is at a convent to calm down a bit, but not to become a nun. She knows Quinton from before since his friend married her sister in book 2, and in that book they shared one passionate kiss. But now she has no dowry any more and a bad reputation. But of course these two are thrown together again and there is passion. They can’t keep their hands of each other, but she does give it a valiant try.
I did like Deidre, sure she was an idiot in the past for falling for lies, but he must have been good at it. Now she wants to be stronger, and she wants to do what is right. Quinton is all man, and alpha. He also has a broken heart just like her. They were both betrayed in the past.
Other than that there is the woman who betrayed him to marry someone else and she wants to cause more mischief, oh she was one wicked evil woman. Then there is also the bigger politics. Because if Deidre married Quinton then that would form a bigger alliance that stands against another alliance, and there is someone who does not want that. Dangers ahead.
One thing though, I was not too happy about how he kept telling her to lose herself to her passion, I felt he was being an ass in a way. He can sleep with whoever he wants to, if she does it she is ruined, double ruined. A woman has no choices like that. He just wanted to get in under her skirts. But ok I forgive him cos she did really want him, even if it meant never marrying him.

Recommendation and final thoughts:
A nice historical romance with lots of passion, and some intrigue too. A brave highlander and one fiery lass. But there is also a lot of Scottish accent in the book, and that makes it a bit harder to understand when some of them talk.
Reason for reading:
I read book 1 and 2 and I wanted to see what these two did together.

32 thoughts on “Early Review: Highland Heat – Mary Wine

  1. Darlene says:

    I like reading these types of books once in a while. This one sounds good but I don't like that it says something in the description that doesn't materialize either. That is one thing that will set me off on a book.

  2. VampFanGirl says:

    I'm not super into the Highlander books. It just seem that the plots become redundant but I do have two Mary Wine books in my TBR. They're some of her early releases that feature absolutely stunning covers.Weird that the blurb hinted to things that never came to fruition in the book…I've had that happen to me a few times and I always think of it as false advertising.Thanks for the heads up on this one but I think I'll dig out the Wine books I have already before I look for more.

  3. Jenny N. says:

    It bugs me about the description, I just recently read a book that misled me with the description. Well anyways, I haven't read this series but it does sound good.

  4. anachronist says:

    Right. A nice cover. Somehow if in a book there's more romance than history I can't be tempted – read one book of Ms Wine and I wasn't mad about it. Your review is at least honest and rings true.

  5. Amused says:

    I love books set in Scotland. I think it reminds me of the Outlander series or something. However I am not sure about this one. He seems like he is kind of a cad!

  6. Melissa (Books and Things) says:

    I agree with you about the whole giving into passion thing. I think he is a cad because IRL at that time she would have been ruined even for him. However, since it is a book and not RL, I can see why you'd forgive him. 🙂 Nice review!

  7. Blodeuedd says:

    InkedIt happens, and she does serve her country in a way at the beginning of the book. But she aloneDarleneI am pretty used to it, I see it often with all sorts of books. Dunno where it came fromVFGNot a highlander lover, you must come over to the dark side ;)Earlier books, hm, I know she wrote some erotica..and some more HR.Perhaps it was just there to make things bigger because in a way they serve the king..by getting together.

  8. Blodeuedd says:

    @JennyI saw that, so you know how it is. Well here I didn't really care, I was more interested in them@AnaIt is romance and more romance, and a stolen woman so yes you do know what it is about@BrandiI hope you take a look at the series 😀 I think book 2 was my fave of them all

  9. Blodeuedd says:

    @AmusedDon't let his wicked ways fool ya, yes he was a bit like that, but then I can't believe he would just have strung her along until he grew tired of the passion@MelissaHave a look at them. I did say they are standalone, but of course things do happen earlier on too ;)@MelissaI forgive easily cos yes it's a book, it's romance. yes she is ruined, but he does not care. His standards are more modern

  10. Diana (Book of Secrets) says:

    I have the first book in my TBR pile. I love Highlander stories, though sometimes it is hard to read the characters with a heavy Scottish accent. I've read them for years, but there are still words I can't figure out!!

  11. Jenny says:

    I love a good historical romance, but it's a little off-putting for me when the blurb isn't entirely accurate. It's like when things happen in a movie trailer that aren't in the final release of the film and and those were the parts you looked forward to seeing! I do like that each story in the series is a stand alone and you can read without needing to pick up all the prior books. Fabulous review!

  12. Blodeuedd says:

    StaciIt's there to make it even more Scottish, but for me it's really tricky. luckily I have read enough books to get it by nowJanneI think I truly noticed that after the Book Lovers inc post about blurbs ;)ChrisLol, yes they tend to be like that ;)DianaLol, oh once I drove myself crazy over..kennit or something with a k, took me half the book to get it

  13. Blodeuedd says:

    JennyOh I hate when that happens and yes it's always the best parts! With books I have learnt not to pay attention, I read it and that's it. Used to itThanks Yvonne!That is why I am here :DMelissaLuckily for me I never got that far in the blurb so no matter

  14. Blodeuedd says:

    LaytinkAye, it certainly is. But that be the Scottish way, lolPattiI once read a book with some sort of southern accent too, so they are all tricky for sureBookmarkHm, I knew from previous books what to expect but sure it was a bit annoying at the beginning. Cos sometimes they spoke like that, and sometimes not. But got used to it

  15. deannalynnc says:

    Great review! I have been becoming more and more interested in reading a book with Scottish accents just to see how hard it is for me to understand them…I might have to check this one out just for that reason.

  16. Blodeuedd says:

    NaidaThose highlanders, oh tehy are just the best :DDeannaThen this oen would be a good book to start with. Once I read another HR and there was so much more there, and harder to undertstand. This oen was fairly simple

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